Baccarat Bitcoin


A firm favourite of 007’s, baccarat was Sean Connery’s preferred game to play as James Bond - now you can play baccarat online and what better way than with bitcoin! You might not be playing it in the same throat-cutting circumstances as Bond would but you’ll certainly get a kick out of bitcoin baccarat.

Bitcoin baccarat is one of the least complicated bitcoin casino games there is, as all you need to do is bet on who you think will be graced with the next winning hand. Bitcoin baccarat is very simple, yet it makes for some heart pumping and adrenaline fuelled gambling owing to this element of luck.

A little bit of bitcoin baccarat history…

The name “baccarat” is derived from the Italian word baccarat, literally meaning zero, which comes from the fact that all tens and picture cards in the game hold a value of zero. Included in the zero value are also hands that value a total of ten, as the second number of any two-digit numbered total is taken as the hand’s final value, and so a hand of two fives for instance would mean baccarat. Dating back to the 1400s, the table game took off in France (although it has its roots in Italy) and was originally played solely among French royalty and it wasn’t until around five hundred years later that baccarat found its place in top-class casinos around Europe. After having achieved an extremely popular status all over the globe, the game’s next stage of evolution after hitting online casinos is its successor: bitcoin baccarat.

The brilliance of bitcoin baccarat

So now that you have the wonderfully decentralised and accessible bitcoin at your disposal and as you’re thankfully no longer required to seek out a casino whenever you fancy a game of baccarat, owing to the development of online gambling portals, this is where bitcoin baccarat comes in, enabling you to play this globally favoured casino game with the most prominent cryptocurrency. Bitcoin baccarat you can play from wherever you so desire - from the comfort of your own home, from your wheelie office chair on your lunch break or from your favourite spot on the train on your daily commute. Once you have Internet connection, within a snap of your fingers you can forget about the world outside, leaving just you, your bitcoin, and your opponent: the banker.

Bitcoin BaccaratBaccarat was Sean Connery’s preferred game to play as James Bond

Not only can you play on whatever device from wherever you like; you can also play for as long as you like, meaning the bitcoin baccarat fun never stops, and with total player anonymity and those wonderful instant cashouts, bitcoin baccarat has never been more appealing.

Get at the bitcoin baccarat!

If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s advisable you try out a free version online before you get stuck in with your bitcoin, though as the game is so heavily based on luck, there’s not heaps you do need to know – but while there are free credits out there waiting to be used, you might as well try bitcoin baccarat for free! You can always check out the rules (see: Tableau of drawing rules) if you’re not 100% confident before you play. There are many different styles of bitcoin baccarat, some involving live dealers and other on the much more simplistic side, so whatever bitcoin casino experience you prefer, there will be a bitcoin baccarat for you.