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One of the most thrilling and entertaining table games of the casino now has its very own online bitcoin version! Bitcoin craps is the best game if you’re looking for a quick adrenaline rush – and with the right tactics you’re also in for a good chance of bringing that bitcoin home. The virtual table may seem a little overwhelming at first with its scattered numbers, shapes and symbols, but once you get the hang of it, bitcoin craps is a satisfyingly simple way to fill up your virtual wallet. A game of such great popularity surely cannot be as complicated as it looks at a first glance!

Bitcoin craps is one of the casino games with the best odds, so after you’ve gained a little bit of experience and some knowledge of the basic strategies of the game, or if craps is already right up your street, it won’t be long before you are manipulating fate and mastering the bitcoin craps table - and starting to win big.

Bitcoin CrapsBitcoin Craps

Bitcoin craps is new but the game itself isn’t…

Craps is believed to be a variation of the Old English game ‘Hazard’, which supposedly comes from a game developed by knights while they were passing the time waiting for the go-ahead to lay siege on a castle in the 12th Century (here you can find out more information if you’re interested: History of craps). The fact that the concept of craps has lasted over hundreds of years proves that it’s an extremely popular game and the evolution of craps into bitcoin craps means it’s even easier for you to feel that rush, from your desktop, mobile phone, iPad (see: iPad Bitcoin Casino) of whichever device you’re into – so what are you waiting for!

What makes bitcoin craps so attractive?

The payment and player anonymity plays a big part. You can play bitcoin craps completely anonymously, with no need to provide any form of identification as you would in a real casino. Another big plus of playing bitcoin craps is that playing online gives you more time, allowing you to ponder over your betting strategy and to concentrate on your next move under no pressure. And if you’re not the most social or outgoing type, playing solo online will offer you a little relief, leaving you alone with fate and in charge of your own game – not that that makes the game any less exciting! Playing bitcoin craps means instant withdrawals too, which is what’s so special about playing with bitcoin.

Fancy trying bitcoin craps out for free first?

If you want to give bitcoin craps a go before you delve into your virtual wallet, offers you the chance to test the game out and familiarise yourself with the online version using a stash of test credits they provide you. This way you can find out whether you enjoy bitcoin craps and more importantly, by the time you start playing with real bitcoin, you’ll know your stuff.