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Bitcoin is rapidly gaining traction as a viable online currency and its value continues to grow. This inevitably has led to far more attention being paid to the popular cryptocurrency and, as the world is becoming more and more aware of its usefulness for online purchases and services, a lot more people want to get involved.

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Bitcoin casinos are one example of the cryptocurrency's success and they are getting bigger all the time. There are big prizes to be played for at many bitcoin casinos. Added to that, its deep connection with the Internet and the online community that it has maintained since its inception and it is no surprise that this has led to the creation of bitcoin gambling bots who hope to make the most of bitcoin casinos and win big.

How do they work?

Bitcoin gambling bots work depending on how you programme them. You set up how much you want to place for every bet and the bot will then continue doing so automatically until you decide to stop it. The main benefit of bitcoin gambling bots is that they take out the hassle of pressing the 'bet' button over and over again, making your gambling more efficient and allowing you to continue with other activities while the bot does your bidding for you. If you programme them just right, you can end up winning regularly and, slowly but surely, you can build up a decent-sized prize fund.

There are two types of bitcoin gambling bots: casino-designed ones which are provided by online casinos to help you in your gambling and customised ones which can be copied and pasted into the Java script and used from there. Both have their pros and cons but the best advice is to err on the side of caution and go with in-house bots. Customised ones may offer higher payouts and more consistent returns but you can never be sure of where they are coming from.

What are the opinions on bitcoin gambling bots?

Opinions are divided on bitcoin gambling bots. They do not involve cheating in any way, they are merely an automated system for repeating the same bet over and over again while eliminating the mind-numbing task of pressing 'bet' every time. Several online casinos offer bitcoin gambling bots so its not as if the bitcoin casinos themselves are against them either. Clearly, they are not considered a threat by those in charge.

On the other hand, there are plenty of players who consider bitcoin gambling bots to be dishonest as they can be set up to run automatically with no conscious effort required from the user once they start running. For those who are in favour of them, they can be seen as convenient and efficient; for those who don't approve of them, they are a sign of laziness and deceit.

Gambling sites with built-in bot

As we mentioned in another page, bitcoin gambling bots have been in effect for quite some time. They work thanks to a particular programming which allows it repeat bets automatically. Bitcoin gambling bots can be very handy for serious gamblers who want to save time and don't want to repeatedly press the 'bet' button over and over again. While people have accused their users of being lazy or cheating, their invention has been a shot in the arm for the gambling runs of many people and their popularity is growing as they can assist gamblers who know exactly what they want from their betting and how to get it.

With the rise of gambling bots in the bitcoin casino world, we have also seen many bitcoin casinos get on board and there are now several gambling sites with built-in bots to help you in your gambling quest. There bots are developed by the casinos themselves so there's no need to worry about the potential dangers of getting them from untrustworthy sites. You also know that there's no grey moral area as these bots come from the casinos. They are developed and operated by them so you can be sure that the gambling sites with built-in bots are happy for you to use them. Here at, we decided to have a look at some of the gambling sites with built-in bots to give you and idea of what awaits you.


One of the big bitcoin sites offers users the chance to try their bot for repeat betting. FortuneJack's automated betting feature is only available in dice games but it allows users to do exactly what it says. Set up your preferred bet and your ready to go.


Primedice is another gambling bot but the beauty of it is that its software is also supported on other sites so once you get the hand of it here, you'll be able to use it in countless other bitcoin casinos across the web.'s automated betting feature is activated by clikcing on a small rocket ship which takes off and launches you into a much easier way of renewing your bets. There are quite a number of settings here too so there's more variety with what you can do.


BetterBets is a bit more liberal with its use of bots and allows its own creation, BetterBot, to be used in various games across the site, not just dice ones. As ever, you're just a few clicks away from setting up your preferences and getting started.


Crypto-Games provide one of the most detailed automated betting functions of all the gambling sites with built-in bots. There are plenty of factors that you can influence with this one and if you tweak it just right, you'll be laughing.