Bitcoin Gambling


Online gambling sites have been around since the internet's inception and have proven to be a great success. Countless online casinos have been set up over the years and more traditional betting companies have also got involved in this ever-growing, global sector.

What is bitcoin gambling?

With the introduction of bitcoin as a crypto-currency and its growing popularity and acceptance as a legitimate alternative, it was only a matter of time before bitcoin gambling sites began to come into being and the rapid expansion of this particular slice of the internet is a clear indicator of just how many people are interested in the idea and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Bitcoin GamblingBitcoin Gambling

Despite this impressive start, bitcoin gambling sites still represent a small amout of the online gambling sites out there. However, it is clear that there is a great opportunity for expansion in this burgeoning sector and with all of bitcoin's advantages, especially with regards to the speed of payment and the lower cost involved, many people are eyeing up a piece of the cake.

What' are the benefits of bitcoin gambling?

So what's so good about bitcoin gambling? Here, we at GoldBitcoinCasino are going to give you a few reasons why.

First of all, a big benefit is the simplicity and rapidity of transactions made with bitcoins. Whether depositing or withdrawing the money, speed is a consistent factor. When you are withdrawing, the wait for access to your bitcoin funds is never more than a few days. At the same time, it is possible to make a deposit and within minutes you will see the numbers in your account.

A second important selling point is the fairness of bitcoin gambling. Provably fair is a policy being pursued by many bitcoing gambling sites. This concept is one that levels the playing field and makes the odds of winning fairer for the user, whereas is non-provably fair sites, there isn't as much transparency and you need to take their word for it. With provably fair, this isn't necessary as bitcoin gambling sites who follow this policy will offer an explanation of the mathematical formulas they use for determining winnings in their games.

The secrecy involved with using bitcoin in any situation is carried over into the world of bitcoin gambling and this means that all players can play in utmost privacy and in the safety of knowing that their online identity is protected and will not be compromised.

How do you get started?

Signing up is easy and while it's perfectly normal to feel somewhat intimidated by the sheer volume of bitcoin gambling sites that are out there, you shouldn't be. The wealth of choice is to your advantage as it is indicative of the competitivity of the market and all bitcoin gambling sites will be fighting it out to win your custom. This leads to the added bonus of many sites offering signing-up bonuses to its users.

Once you find the site for you and avail of their generous signing-up bonus, it's time to get started and start playing all those casino games you love in online format. All the traditional casino games are available - poker, dice, baccarat - as well as an abundance of slot games with all kinds of different twists on the original format. There's a massive world of bitcoin gambling sites out there for you to explore so the important thing is to get started and star playing.