A big reason why someone would take up online casino playing, would be the possibility of increasing one’s income. If you play your game right, follow other people’s tips, and (for those who are karma believers), behave properly; you can become surprisingly wealthy in no time! However, it is my duty to alert my readers of the dangers in betting, as one can loose a big amount of money, in no time, once again. You must be intelligent and ambitious, but cautious.

Besides tradition, there’s a new way one can make a profit in online casino playing. I’m talking about the “Bitcoin Games Referral Program”, where you can earn Bitcoins by referring a friend to the casino website! It is pretty simple: every registered player has got their own unique referral link. If you wish to make use of this program, you would need to hand this link to a friend, or anyone you’d think they would use it; so when they finally play, and deposit Bitcoins, you will earn money as well. Meaning that, the more guests you refer, the more Bitcoins you will earn to enjoy yourself.

It is all very well explained at the Bitcoin Games webpage (, but giving a brief explanation, the way the “Bitcoin Games Referral Program” works is: if you help the Casino make from 1 to 9 users (the minum), you will make a profit of the 5% of the house edge; and if you get 100+ people to join in, you will earn 25% of the house edge. If you convince between 9 and 100 people you will make different amounts of profit: 10%, or 20% depending on the occasion. These percentages are based on the house edge. The house edge is the amount of profit the casino makes whenever a player wins the game: a big amount of money is given to the user, but a small percentage is kept by the casino. The percentage of the house edge varies from game to game, for example, when playing slots the house edge is 0.5%, but when playing video poker, it goes down to 0.25%. We invite you to click on the previous link to find out more.

These extra Bitcoins, are deposited in your account daily, without there being a limit on how much you can earn! So you’ve basically ought to relax and chill, and get your referrals to do the hard work! Enjoy!