Bitcoin Slots


Slot machines have been the rulers of all games of luck for a whole lifetime -at least-. They’ve been with us long, long before internet. At every pub, every mall, and obviously, at every casino; filling our body with excitement and adrenaline, because, for some reason, we love letting things to be settled by chance.

Online casinos know this, and they feed our desire for gambling by displaying a wide variety of games, with different scenes, and different stories. But, anyway, the smartest decision online casinos have ever made, is introducing Bitcoin Slots, as you get the thrill of the slot machine, plus the advantage of this cryptocurrency.

Baby Steps into Slots…

I’m sure you know what slot machines work like, right? You’ve basically got to press a button until you line up a certain pattern or symbols, being, obviously, all of the same type. Though it’s not all about sitting down a pressing a button; you can also choose how many columns you would like to play with. And as you probably know, the higher number of columns you choose to play with, the higher are the odds of winning. Apart from this, you can also choose how much you would like to bet, and that’s when Bitcoin Slots become handy!

Why choosing Bitcoin Slots?

Bitcoin currency is well known for its anonymity, in other words, most online casinos that work with bitcoin don’t ask for registrations, or fill-in forms; you don’t even need an account. This can be extremely useful if you don’t want to give in any personal information.

But it does not all come down to this; some online casinos don’t let players from other countries to access their games, as their currency works different. Bitcoin casinos don’t work this way, they accept players from all around the world. This means you can play with no obstacles; no matter which country you are at, as Bitcoin doesn’t involve any thirds at transactions.

Bitcoin SlotsBitcoin Slots

These three above are the top of the pops! They not only offer you the possibility to play with Bitcoin, but they’ve also got a high rate of payment return: around 99% of profits end up going back to the player, while the casino only makes profit of the 1% remained.

Tips and guidelines to enjoy Bitcoin Slots

Now that you know how much of an advantage it is to play with Bitcoin slots, rather than regular slots, it’s time to play!

Quite a common thought towards slots is thinking you’ve got no control over the game, that it’s all a matter of luck; but there are some tips that can help you drive that luck your way. First of all, one must choose a slot that has got a high rate of payment, like those three written above. They’ve got a rate of payment around 97%. If you play with those Bitocin Slots above, you will certainly have higher chances of winning, when compared to a regular slot with a rate of payment return around 80%.

Once you’ve chosen which Bitcoin Slot you’ll play with, you should play with the maximum quantity of Bitcoins you can. This might sound risky, but if you sneak through the payment table, you figure out that those who bet higher, tend to make more profit! However, you must think wisely, don’t bet all your money in one go!

Another important tip, is to change slot every now and then. If you win a big prize, it will surely take time for it to hand you in another one.

And the most important of all: you’ve got to learn to stop once you’ve made a good profit, or when you just keep losing, you don’t want to end up with no Bitcoins left at the end of the day. It’s good to make small pauses, relax for a while, and hesitate whether if it’s a good idea to continue, or you should just stop.

Whatever you choose, we wish you a joyful game, full of luck and excitement; 100% guaranteed at Bitcoin Slots.