Eye of Ra. Amatic industries

Eye of Ra is one of those games that can be seen in the list of slots at practically every online casino these days. Developed by Amatic industries, its appearance across so many sites is indicative of its popularity and, as such, we at GoldBitcoinCasino wanted to take a closer look at what is one of the biggest games available in the bitcoin casino world and why so many people are flocking to play and boosting its popularity further.

Eye of Ra. Amatic industriesEye of Ra. Amatic industries

As you can imagine from its name, Eye of Ra is inspired by the mysterious and intriguing world of Ancient Egypt and it takes the idea and runs a marathon with it as the game is full of lush designs that look like they've been hidden deep inside the pyramids, waiting for the chance to escape and be part of this game. This is a game that's full of colour and carefully designed animations and the game has a classic feel to its graphics, so much so that it can be like a trip back in time in to the computer games of your childhood as well as to Ancient Egypt. There is little background music which allows you to focus on the task at hand and there are enough colours and fancy animations to hold your attention.

Eye of Ra has five reels and a whopping 720 paylines so you can be sure you'll strike gold in this game. The Wild card is the Eye of Horus and only appears on the third reel. The gamble game is a simple red or black game which can be extended to a guess ths suit game. Three pyramid symbols will land you a bonus which consists of five free spins.

There's not a whole lot to Eye of Ra. It has regular payouts because of the multitude of paylines it possesses but, apart from that, its a fairly straightforward slots game. The Ancient Egypt theme is interesting and will draw in a lot of players, aside from the generous rewards. However, this is a game that, like many others, struggles to engage beyond the basic animations and the repetitive gameplay. There's not a lot of bonuses to play for either so once the game becomes repetitive, there's not much else to get your hopes up about.

If you're interested in trying this game, you can find freeplay versions online and see what you make of it.