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Most users of this site will come here to look for the latest information on bitcoin casinos, you've probably already found the casinos that suit you best in terms of what you want to do and the rewards you get. Whatever currency you happen to be using in your daily life out in the real world, it can be converted into bitcoin online and can easily be used to keep on gaming. It's simple: if you run out of bitcoin, make use of your real euros, dollars, pounds or whatever the currency may be and trade it in for bitcoin. Or, if you have the expertise, the time and the technological power, you can mine your own bitcoin. However, this is a time-consuming process and also requires a lot of energy to power your computer during the process. So, what are some other ways that you can get bitcoins? One answer is free bitcoin casinos.

While the existence of a truly free bitcoin casino is doubtful, at least, we haven't found one as of yet, there are many ways that you can get 'free' bitcoins. Most bitcoin gaming sites offer a whole range of promotions to entice players to their sites and get them playing so it's important for you, as the player, to know what kind of deals are on offer and where you need to go to avail of them. Many sites also give away free bitcoins as part of promotional campaigns to get their name out and about. It can be as simple as following a specific casino on one of their many social media pages and keeping on close eye on them as they will likely announce some kind of giveaway when they are running a particular promotional campaign. The key part to remember in all this is that it is possible to find free bitcoin casinos and we at GoldBitcoinCasino are here to advise you.

How to get free bitcoins

Taking advantage of the free bitcoin casinos' generosity can be relatively simple. There are some sites that don't even require a full account for you to access these funds. Some simply require you to come up with a name for your player and they will credit you with the free bitcoins. The bitcoins are then yours to use however you want, though a lot of sites will do their best to get you to spend them there.

What happens next?

Most of the time, when you get free bitcoins from any of the free bitcoin casinos, it is done on the condition that you must spend the bitcoins playing games on the site that gave you the bitcoins in the first place. Instant withdrawal and sometimes even withdrawing the bitcoins won with free bitcoins can be tricky. To be able to withdraw the bitcoins, you may habe to work your way through all the free bitcoins first or even spend a value worth a multiple of the free bitcoins you received. This is fairly standard across all the free bitcoin casino sites so don't be surprised or offended. While these bitcoins are free, they are tied to a specific site and should be used more as an incentive to stick it out with that particular site and try your luck as you make your way through the various games they have.

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Whether an experienced pro or a unsure rookie, at GoldBitcoinCasino, we will do our best to keep you informed of all the going-ons in the world of bitcoin gaming. While picking up free bitcoins and using them to get you started is a handy way to a hand of the bitcoin gaming world, it is also important to remember that you need to spend money to make money, that is to say: you won't win every time and, eventually, you will burn through your free bitcoins. If you want to keep playing and you want to be able to flex your bitcoin muscle, you will need to invest more to build a big enough base that will allow you to bet bigger and thus win bigger. A bigger base will also help soften the blow if you have a bad beat, something that doesn't happen if you're playing with free bitcoins where a bad beat could potentially wipe out your entire stash.

Being informed and staying vigilant

It is also important to remember when you are trying to take advantage of free bitcoin casino's generous offers that terms and conditions will always apply so make sure you have a careful read through them. You need to be sure you know what exactly you're signing up for. We will do our best to inform about any particularly interesting or important information we find out about but if you still have some lingering doubts, best practice is always to get in touch with the customer support teams at whatever site it is you are interested in.

While the lure of free bitcoins is understandable and there are plenty of free bitcoin casinos out there who will gladly offer you some if it means you in turn will spend some time on their site, you should also be aware that not all offers may be as genuine as they would have you believe. We aim to give you the best advice about which of the free bitcoin casinos are the best value and which are the most trustworthy because, unfortunately, there are some sites who will use 'free bitcoin; as a way to grab your attention but whose actual offer is not what they lead you to believe. Being aware of this is a key part of finding the right free bitcoin casino for you and getting the best free bitcoin deal there is.