Online Casino on Ipad


Why start using iPad bitcoin casinos?

Touch screens on smartphones are a nuisance sometimes, especially when you’re unfortunate enough to have a set of fingers on the slightly meatier side. That’s where the Apple iPad comes in pretty useful for bitcoin casinos – portable like a smartphone but with a screen and graphics large enough for you not to press the wrong link by accident. No zoom or squinting required.

All versions and models of the iPad are ready to accommodate your favourite bitcoin casino games which have undergone a special iPad-friendly makeover. This way, when you’re away from home and you want to access an online casino ASAP, you can find an iPad bitcoin casino by your side. iPad bitcoin casinos are becoming increasingly popular owing to Apple’s consistency at producing top of the range products that work fast and are possible of much more than they appear at a glance, a win-win purchase. There is no comparison to your old slow off the block wheezing desktop computer, and don’t forget that the iPad-friendly versions of bitcoin casino games make playing a stress-free experience – just a few taps and the wheel’s spinning or you’ve dealt your hand. Still need convincing to hit the iPad bitcoin casino?

No nonsense with iPad bitcoin casinos…

When sending messages, browsing the Internet or watching videos, you would naturally use your iPad in landscape position, and for good reason. With dimensions of 9.5 x 7.3 inches (unless it’s an iPad mini), the scale and visibility of everything on-screen is maximised, meaning your iPad bitcoin casino games are far easier to see, touch and play. You can sit comfortably with the iPad in your lap without having to fiddle around adjusting the zoom as you would with your smartphone or trying to pull the slots lever while doing your best not to let it slip out of your hands. Another plus of using iPad bitcoin casinos instead of a smartphone casino is that it also means you avoid having to rotate your device to suit different games’ software.

iPad bitcoin casinoiPad Bitcoin Casino

Get in the iPad bitcoin casino game…

With a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, iPad bitcoin casino’s graphics are also of far higher quality than a smartphone’s, which brings you that much closer to the action, almost as if you were in a real casino (only you’re not and tea and biscuits are within arm’s reach), allowing you to enjoy a heart-pumping, full to the brim experience while sitting comfortably at home or wherever you happen to be. And don’t forget that iPads run faster than your smartphone even if you don’t quite realise – owing to a more powerful chip, they have a better processing power, meaning you can get more in over less time on your iPad bitcoin casino site.

Small enough to carry around but large enough to have a screen that enables you to enjoy some awesome graphics and hassle-free online gambling, iPad bitcoin casinos are the new way to go about gambling.

What’s more with iPad bitcoin casinos…

Modern iPads have Retina display technology, which refers to a screen with higher pixel density, meaning when it comes to heart-pumping live dealer games (see: Live dealer casino games on Online Casino), you’ll be able to enjoy them in all their wonderful HD glory! The speed and screen quality of the iPad ultimately means you’ll have an iPad bitcoin casino experience like no other.

Security? No problem…

It’s easy to be of the opinion that iPads are not as secure as Macs, PCs and laptops but that information can simply not be verified. Although not invulnerable to hacks and viruses, as with any device, the iPad’s iOS operating system continues to be one of the safest around.

Try out an iPad bitcoin casino now!

Best to have more than one option, don’t you think? When you’re not around your PC or Mac and are keen to get online and win back some bitcoin, iPad bitcoin casinos games are 100% compatible with your iPad and are right there waiting for you – all you need is Internet connection.

If you give it a go but the iPad bitcoin casino isn’t for you, there are different games around that are compatible with androids and iPhones. Essentially it’s up to you. If you prefer the old no-nonsense desktop computer, no touch-screens involved, go for it - nobody’s judging you!

iPad bitcoin casinoiPad Bitcoin Casino

The future of iGaming…

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly involved in the world of online gambling, as you can see with iPhone and iPad bitcoin casinos, and with virtual reality constituting a bigger part in people’s day to day life. In the future it’s likely that the iGaming industry is going to become more dependent on the mobile world, leaving space for new technological innovations over the coming years, meaning iPads, iPhones, androids and other devices are likely to be in higher demand and bitcoin casinos too, are likely to follow suit.