The ultimate bitcoin casino experience has just landed on your dining room table! The title is in no way misleading; we are about to tell you how live bitcoin casino games really means bitcoin casino games - LIVE!

It’s one thing to be able to play bitcoin casino games in your own living room thanks to the Internet, which not too long ago would have seemed a far-fetched sort of miracle, but it’s another thing to be able to play bitcoin casino games sitting in your favourite armchair looking straight into the eyes of a real flesh and bone dealer.

Live Bitcoin Casino GamesLive Bitcoin Casino Games

Live bitcoin casino games – but how?!

What was once all about instant chat rooms is now all about video calling, with MSN chat rooms promptly being overtaken by Facebook chat and then Facebook video chat, and so you see the evolution of the bitcoin casino game into its superior: the live bitcoin casino game. Instead of having to go all the way to your local casino in order to gamble with a little bit of social interaction involved, the recent introduction of live bitcoin casino games enables you to communicate with something a little more convincing than a dealer voiceover when you’re sitting with your iPad bitcoin casino open. This is all down to RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and web cam technology, and thanks to all this your dream of gambling in a Las Vegas casino is made oh-so real, with live bitcoin casino games providing you with an on-point Vegas casino atmosphere.

Getting the best out of live bitcoin casino games

Got WiFi? Good start – you don’t want to be running up those data bills which are likely to rise pretty quickly playing live bitcoin casino games. Obviously the next thing you need to consider is how your device – whether it be a desktop computer or iPhone – will be able to handle the real-time HD video streams. What you really need to reap all the benefits of live bitcoin casino gaming is some high-speed Internet connection (generally anything above 500kbps will offer you a smoothly running live bitcoin casino game), the latest version of whatever software you’re running and a multi-core processor, if not at least a dual-core processor. In order to play something as technologically advanced as live bitcoin casino games, the necessary technological updates and most modern software available are vital to fully enjoying the live bitcoin casino game experience!

Why live bitcoin casino games over the standard virtual versions?

In possibly every sense, live bitcoin casino games offer a whole lot more than the non-live versions. That means more of the following:

Security… Live bitcoin casino games are constantly monitored meaning any errors in play (which are rare) are resolved immediately.

Entertainment… Every live dealer is fully trained and equipped for providing you with the friendliest and most sociable live bitcoin casino experience, which makes you wonder why you didn’t start playing live bitcoin casino games sooner!

Efficiency… Live bitcoin casino gaming introduces you to an altogether much faster form of gambling owing to time saved in calculating and counting out bets, meaning rounds with live dealers breeze by one after the other.

Affordable betting limits… Unlike many brick and mortar casinos where you’re forced to up the stakes in order to get into the game, live bitcoin casino games offer more accessible betting limits so under no circumstances will you need to hesitate when opening that bitcoin wallet to play.

And there you have it, live bitcoin casino games in a nutshell

So there you go, a run-down on what is proving to be an increasingly popular form of bitcoin casino gaming. Whether it be baccarat, blackjack, roulette or your favourite dice game, live bitcoin casino games are extremely versatile; find your preferred bitcoin casino and start reaping the benefits of real-time play now!