Voodoo. Endorphina

Do you have an interest in the occult and the mysterious? Do you fancy a trip into the eerie, unknown world of zombies and voodoo dolls while picking up a few bitcoins along the way? Then Voodoo is the game for you.

What is Voodoo?

On the surface, what Voodoo offers is a very simple premise: an online slots game with a voodoo theme. However, once you start playing, you will quickly be drawn into an enthralling, hypnotic world where it will be hard for you to leave.

Five reels, three rows and just ten paylines may seem like little but this is a generous game. You pick up small wins here and there but bigger wins also come along and the risk game is a simple high-low game with four cards to choose from. The Scatter symbol is a Zombie Master, who also doubles as the Wild, and if three of them appear on your screen, you'll get ten free spins. Unfortunately, there is no bonus round.

Voodoo. Endorphina Voodoo. Endorphina

It may sound like a fairly mundane, run-of-the-mill slots game but it is not. Where Voodoo impresses is with its lush graphic design. There is so much going on in this game and there is something new to look out for on every spin that it is impossible to take your eyes off it.

Even as the reels are spinning, your attention will be drawn to the Zombie Master who hisses at you when his symbol appears. The four letter symbols (A, J, Q, K) appear to be drawn in thin spider webs suspended in the middle of a darkened background. Other symbols that appear are a raven, a jaguar's head, a voodoo doll, an enchanting zombie-woman and a serpent swirling around a tree branch. However, these animations come alive when you win with them and you'll be sure to jump out of your seat when the raven tries to fly out of the screen or the serpent threatens to bite you. And once you get into the free spins, the Zombie Master starts destroying all around him as the animations move to another level.

Why should you play Voodoo?

There is a wealth of online slots games out there. They are all based around the same ideas: reels, spins and paylines. It is a relatively simple formula that is easy to copy. As such, it is easy to feel with many games that you have played it before because of how similar it is to others. So if you want to make a game interesting, you need to give it a gimmick or make some authentic tweak to the gameplay. If you go the gimmick route, even then it is easy to do it in a lazy way and it will not be enough to save the repetitiveness of the game.

Voodoo stands out in this regard as it wholly embraces its gimmick and makes sure that you will continue playing this title a lot longer than others. While there might not be any revolutionary tweaks to the gameplay, visually it is a feast and it has more than enough to keep you playing.

If you're interested, give Voodoo a go at one of the many free sites out there