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The beauty of online gambling, and the internet itself, means that you can interact with people from all over the world and the possibilities of playing at the biggest online casinos are open to practically everyone. However, bearing that in mind, online gamblers are also bound the law of the land in the country that they are resident in and this can affect online gambling for those who live in more restrictive environments. As such, it is import for online gamblers to be aware of what the rules are in your particular jurisdiction. In this piece, we will take a quick look at what the situation is for Bitcoin gamblers who live in Japan.

Bitcoin Casinos gambling in JapanBitcoin Casinos gambling in Japan

Bitcoin in Japan

One of the countries which appears to be leading the way in the adoption of Bitcoin as a viable currency is Japan. In April 2017, Bitcoin became a legally-accepted method of payment in the Land of the Rising Sun. Meanwhile, tax has been eliminated on the use of the cryptocurrency while other movements are underfoot to create insurance for consumers who make purchase with the digital currency. This all points to a healthy and positive atmosphere for Bitcoin in the Far East.

Gambling in Japan

Gambling is only legal in Japan in certain forms. It is legal to place bets on “public sports” such as horse racing, football, powerboat racing and motorcycle racing. Lotteries are also legal and a special mention goes to pachinko, a traditional game which combines elements of slot and pinball machines. Pachinko parlours are big business in Japan and, legally, the game is not considered gambling.

In December 2016, Japan announced plans to legalise casinos amid hopes to take advantage of the economic benefits of the gambling trade. However, as of writing, these casinos are still in the planning stage.

When it comes to online gambling in Japan, similar to other countries, it is not possible to legally access Japanese-based casinos as they are not any systems in place to allow for legal online casinos. However, much like residents in other countries, Japanese players tend to visit online casinos that are based abroad. These means that Japanese residents who want to engage in Bitcoin gambling online will have to do so by accessing foreign-based sites.

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