United Kingdom Gambling Commission

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Germany Aug 1, 2017

The need for regulation of online casinos is important as unregulated casinos can do what they please and this can have grave consequences for gamblers.

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Germany

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Germany Jul 19, 2017

Bitcoin was recognised as a “unit of account” by the German Finance Ministry in 2013, thus making it eligible for tax and use in Europe’s biggest economy. However, since this announcement, there seems to have been no major moves on the status of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling India

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling India Jun 19, 2017

As many of our readers will be aware, the access to Bitcoin and what you can do with it depends on the place you are in. As the status of Bitcoin can vary greatly in each jurisdiction and the legal consequences of what you can do with it can also be quite different.

Etherum Blockchain

Ethereum blockchain Jun 18, 2017

thereum Blockchain is the next most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and it also has seen a spike in interest over recent months so it's worth taking your time to get up to date on what it is.

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Rusia

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Russia Jun 16, 2017

With Russia being one of the biggest online gambling markets around and forming a big part of the gambling landscape in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states, it is important to be aware of the status of Bitcoin and online gambling if you are a resident of Russia.

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling China

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling China Jun 14, 2017

As the use of Bitcoin continues to grow around the world and the rise of online Bitcoin casinos continues unabated, it is important to know the status of Bitcoin and online gambling in the country that you happen to find yourself in.

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Canada

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Canada Jun 12, 2017

As a child of the Internet and telecommunication technology, Bitcoin is a currency that has an expansive spread, reaching all around the world, much like the Internet itself.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs Jun 8, 2017

Online Bitcoin gambling is a big business and a profitable one, too. Both players and casinos have a lot of money to gain and, equally, they have a lot of money to lose. Of course, in every casino game, the stakes are high but for online casinos another thing on the line is their reputation.

Bitcoin – An Insight On The Past Events and The Times Ahead

Bitcoin – An Insight On The Past Events and The Times Ahead Jun 8, 2017

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that operates independently without banking institutions and the government meddling into its affairs. There’s nothing physical about it – all virtual!

Curaçao e-Gaming

Curaçao e-Gaming License Jun 7, 2017

With the rise of online Bitcoin casinos, every day there are more and more people chomping at the bit to get involved. New online Bitcoin casinos are springing up overnight meaning there’s always somewhere new to try out if you get bored

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Australia

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling Australia Jun 5, 2017

The status of Bitcoin in each jurisdiction is something worth considering when you are looking for ways to use it and, in our readers’ case, when looking where to bet.

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling USA

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling USA Jun 2, 2017

America has been a big player in the cryptocurrency’s growth, causing many official bodies to step up and formulate an official position.

Bitcoin in the United Kingdom

Bitcoin Casinos Gambling in the United Kingdom May 29, 2017

Here at, we are aware that we have readers who come here looking for information regarding online Bitcoin casinos from all over the world

Micrograming Casinos

Micrograming Casinos May 27, 2017

While it has established itself as one of the big names in the industry, Microgaming’s success has come about owing to a lot of hard work and nearly a quarter of a century in the online gaming sector. It hasn’t been a fluke.

Casino Affiliate programs

Casino Affiliate programs May 25, 2017

With the recent surge in online casino users, particularly those of a Bitcoin nature, it is particularly important for prospective players to shop around and find the best casino for you.

Bitcoin Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin Blockchain Technology May 23, 2017

While many of us don’t think much about all the work that goes on behind the scenes of the many Bitcoin casinos that we frequent, one important factor, and it is one which is gaining more and more attention as the popularity of Bitcoin grows and those outside the Bitcoin world become more interested in just exactly how it works.

Diamond World Mobile App

Diamond World Casino Mobile App April 17, 2017

Diamond World Casino Mobile app is the beauty of mobile app gaming is that you can play your favourite casino games wherever you happen to be and at whatever time suits you and its all at your fingertips with the help of whatever mobile device you have.

Bitcoin Ponzi Game

Bitcoin Ponzi Game March 14, 2017

Some of the most infamous criminals in history made their fortune by participating in Ponzi schemes. And now the chance is yours to have a go at a virtual Ponzi scheme in the form of a game and see if you can win the game and take home the dough.

Bitcoin Keno Online

Bitcoin Keno Online March 25, 2017

Online casinos have existed since the Internet's entry into mainstream society. As the Internet grew in popularity and its reach extended, we began transporting our lives online.

Bitcoin casinos for iPhone and Android

Bitcoin casinos for iPhone and Android March 13, 2017

From Vegas casinos to online casinos, nowadays it’s much easier to get that kick out of a pull of the slots lever or a spin of the roulette wheel when casinos are literally available to you in the palm of your hand

Bitcoin Gambling Bots

Bitcoin Gambling Bots March 10, 2017

Bitcoin is rapidly gaining traction as a viable online currency and its value continues to grow. This inevitably has led to far more attention being paid to the popular cryptocurrency and, as the world is becoming more and more aware of its usefulness for online purchases and services, a lot more people want to get involved.

Live Bitcoin Casino

Live Bitcoin Casino February 15, 2017

The ultimate bitcoin casino experience has just landed on your dining room table! The title is in no way misleading; we are about to tell you how live bitcoin casino games really means bitcoin casino games - LIVE!