15 secrets that casinos don’t want you know

There is nothing wrong with a little bit of gambling as long as you do it in moderation and are over the right age, it can be a pass time that could make you a little bit of cash if you are lucky; but if you fall into the trap of the gambling addiction, then you can loose much more than just money; here we are looking at 15 hidden secrets that casinos don’t want you to know:

15 secrets that casinos don't want you know15 secrets that casinos don’t want you know

15) In every casino there are thousand of cameras, and if you think there is no one checking on you, well… you are wrong! Modern casinos have so many cameras that the surveillance staff (which is normally the largest group of staff in the casino) can even watch all the views at once – that doesn’t mean you may be safe though, all the videos are recorded  for later viewing just in case something goes down.

14) You can actually improve you odds. The house (that is the casino), has an edge on almost every bet, but there are ways that anyone can improve odds of winning: by choosing the right games, the right bets and the right casinos you can walk away with a little more money, it’s all about doing a little bit of research before you are walking into the premises and not being swept away about the games that look fun and interesting.

13) Whatever you do, do not play BlackJack! Traditionally when you play blackjack and the player gets an opening hand at up to 21 they would be paid at 3 to 2, which gives you $15 from a $10. In the past 6 years many casinos have lower this pay out to 6 to5, which will only end up giving you $12 dollars on a $10 bet.

12) Many people think that a full table is something that will lower your odds, but in fact the opposite is true. More people at the table slow down the game and allow you more time to think about your next move. Believe or not, a lot of gambling in casinos is down to tactical play and the actually thinking time could be the difference between a win and a lost.

11) You can actually get free stuff, casinos want your money, and they want you to sign up to their player clubs. When you sign up you may get free cash, a room, some food or something else, and as long as you keep playing you are likely to get more complimentary gifts, however once you cash in that first gift, there is nothing really say you have to play more.

10) If you win too much you can be banned from play, casinos are heartbeat businesses and all the businesses have to watch the bottom line, while techniques like “shuffle tracking” is tracking your cards counting are actually illegal, a casino won’t like you as much as you use them to win. If you receive winning to much in any way that isn’t Atlantic City, then you will probably get shut out.

9) Even though you may get banned if you win too much, casinos don’t actually mind if you win. Sure card counters may take to much money out of the pot but if an average person wins a few games, then you will be just as happy. It’s good for business because the happy customer will go and tell their friends about their experiences or just come back themselves – more winners equal more customers.

8) You should try and bring money into a casino, instead of taking it out from the ITM machine in the building. Fees are creeping up everywhere, but nowhere have higher ITM feeds than a casino. At the “Paris Las Vegas Casino”, the ITM actually charged a woman $7.50, so she could withdraw less than $500 dollars – which is a pretty crazy price!

7) Casinos are subliminally relaxing you; they circulate oils incense into their ventilation systems to try to put gamblers into a good mood. It’s believe that people will stay longer and spend more in a place with a pleasant smell, and it is clinically proven that the smell of lavender induces drowsiness and promote relaxation.

6) At many casinos employees can legally detained someone if they have probable cause and suspect than a player has cheating. If the police end up getting involved, the law usually takes the casino’ side, even if it’s appears that the casino was wrong – basically don’t get caught cheating!   

5) On a slot machine the Max is usually a bad bet. If you make the Max bid on a penny slot, which is like $3 spent, you are actually better off playing on a dollar slot machine. Pennies slots only return 88% of money than a player spends, but a dollar slot returns an average of 93%. 

4) A casino is designed to lure you in and then keep you there. In a world of pleasant smells, loud sounds and flashing lights, you are pretty much damned for. It’s all a communication saying win, win, win! It gives the impression that everyone is winning when in reality most are actually loosing.

3) Have you ever notice that there are actually not clocks or windows in the casino? Well, there is a reason for that. They know that most people don’t actually wear watch and by keeping people’s attention on games and having fun, times just sort of start to slip away. Casinos want you to stay there as long as possible; they don’t want to get you out for a certain time. You can even ask most dealers because they are instructed not to wear watches just for that window.

2) If you want to use the restaurant, get something to eat, or cash out your chips in most casinos, you have to go deeper into the building. Most of the times these services are way far back as possible, once again there is a reason for this: when you are going to the toilet or going to catch out you have to walk pass all of those tenting machines and tables – they want you to play that one last game before you go.

1) On that point, casinos are basically one big giant maze set up for you to basically get lost in. The machines and tables create a labyrinth of obstacles and barriers, where a player can get lost in. There is seriously not logical arrangement and it’s all to make you confuse, the longer you are searching for the exit the longer you spend in the casino, you may even play another couple of games on your way out.

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