4 reasons to play online at Bitcoin casinos

If you’ve ever been to an online casino, you’ve probably been able to observe the similarities of these platforms to real casinos. These options are gaining more prominence on the Internet nowadays due to the evolution of software technology, computer systems, security and graphics design.

The online casino industry has been characterized by being always on the leading edge technology, adopting new proposals in this field to offer attractive improvements to its user community. Of course, the arrival of Bitcoin technology was not going to be wasted by this sector.

The evolution of online payment systems has greatly enhanced casinos, where so far include Bitcoin and PayPal as the main preferred methods. And taking into account the cryptocurrency technology, a completely new and innovative branch of Bitcoin casinos has emerged. All of them with many features and advantages that stand out over the rest.

Now, we introduce four strong reasons for choosing Bitcoin casinos as the main option in this online entertainment branch:

Quick deposits and withdrawals

The main advantage of Bitcoin is precisely the times in which the transactions become effective. While using bank transfers confirmations could take days, with Bitcoin it is a matter of minutes.

Even so, the current payment services that work with the cryptocurrency offer instant confirmations. A feature that many Bitcoin casinos have adopted to make deposit and withdrawal operations even faster for users.

While using credit cards is a fairly quick option, not all users can access this service – at least as easily as anyone can use Bitcoin. This leads us to the next advantage:

Accessibility from anywhere

Bitcoin’s technology is decentralized and its access is via Internet. For this reason, anyone who owns a computer or a mobile device with Internet connection can obtain and use Bitcoins. No need for bank or state permits.

Casinos that accept Bitcoin take advantage of this feature by allowing users to use their platforms from anywhere in the world. Thus, access is guaranteed for anyone who wants to enjoy these Internet entertainment services, regardless of their geographical location.

The barriers imposed by state and banking regulations are torn down by Bitcoin technology, a sample of the advantages of decentralized technologies very well used by Bitcoin casinos.

Privacy for users

Bitcoin is known as a technology that enables people to send and receive payments without directly exposing their identity. While some people say that anonymity is possible with Bitcoin, actually the real identities of users can be traced, albeit in a very difficult way. With this we conclude that it is not complete anonymity, but pseudo-anonymity.

Even so, it is a fairly attractive advantage that can be taken advantage of by any user who wishes to enjoy the experience of an online casino, without having to give identification data.

To make Bitcoin transactions, you only need to provide the Bitcoin wallet address (also known as public key). If you don’t have your wallet connected to any software or app that requires user personal data (as Coinbase or Bitstamp, for example), wallet does not provide details about its real identity.

Bitcoin wallet software that do not require identification data, are those indicated to assure the greater privacy possible.

Probable probabilities

Online casinos are constantly evolving in a quest to simulate, as close as possible, the experience of being in a physical casino.Even so, how to ensure the randomness of the games results?How do you know if cards, dice or chips benefit the user, the casino or any of these?

These questions can be solved by another feature that allows integrate Bitcoin technology, using cryptography values to show all users the odds of the games in a Bitcoin casino. This feature is known as Provably Fair.

Casinos with Bitcoin continue to gain ground in the Internet entertainment sector and clearly part of its success lies in the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method. Casinos that use Bitcoin technology have important advantages that make them stand out and stay one step ahead of the rest. With features that allow fast deposits and withdrawals, access from anywhere in the world, registrations on their platforms without the need to provide identity data and verifiable probabilities in games; there is no doubt that engaging in these platforms is much more attractive and convenient for online users.

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