Advantages of playing in casinos bitcoin

There is a lot that can be done with Bitcoin, and the online gambling world has been paying attention and providing competitive benefits over the old casinos where it was often difficult to take out the money that users had won or lost in conversion fees and taxes.

Advantages of playing in casinos bitcoin
Advantages of playing in casinos bitcoin


 Anyone with a Bitcoin portfolio knows that every month there is something new that can be done with bitcoins, more and more stores are accepting payments with the cryptocurrency but the area that increasingly gives more growth and usefulness to the cryptocurrency is the industry of the Bitcoin casinos, where it is possible to play classic casino games using digital currency.

When the user plays in a Bitcoin casino, he obtains some important advantages with regard to using conventional online casinos:

  • It will have more favorable, fairer odds due to the common practice of using “fair betting demonstration technology”.
  • You can play with a greater level of anonymity.
  • For anyone who wants to increase the amount of bitcoins they own, this is an entertaining way of doing so, as long as luck is on their side.
Bitcoin casinos offer the best odds

Each casino game has a percentage of payouts, and these vary according to which game is being played. Bitcoin casinos offer the best odds for players, and this is one of the main features that draw players with respect to other casinos.

How do Bitcoin casinos offer better odds? One of the biggest costs for online casinos has to do with processing payments. Each time a player makes a deposit using an electronic wallet (no-bitcoin), a bank account or a credit card, there is a fee that the casino has to pay to the payment processor (bank, Visa, Mastercard, etc.). ). To offset these costs, casinos adjust the odds in their favor, which reduces the odds and bonuses for their players. But with Bitcoin, deposits and withdrawals are free, so for Bitcoin Casinos the processing of payments does not make them incur in any costs. Bitcoin Casinos, which are already over 50, must be competitive and, in order to gain a higher reputation and grow, it is better for them to adjust the odds and pass these savings to their users by giving them a better chance of winning, or by offering attractive bonuses when depositing as well as other promotions.

Bitcoin Casinos offer a variety of games

When the user plays in a Bitcoin casino, he has access to all the games he would find in a fiat casino. Slots games are generally the largest category, with many Bitcoin casinos offering dozens of different slot type games. In some places, the percentage of payments can be as high as 99%.

When it comes to board games, the most popular games in Bitcoin casinos are Blackjack (21) and Roulette, and most casinos offer even multiple versions of these games. You can review the percentages of winnings for players on any Bitcoin board game and you’ll find out they are generally better than their counterparts in fiat casinos.

Like fiat casinos, Bitcoin casinos are now starting to expand to live dealer games for games like Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack. Playing in this live mode adds another level of fun and excitement to the experience as well as the social element of having other players present with you.

Bitcoin Casinos have fair betting demonstrations

 Whenever you go to a casino, you know you are playing with the odds in favor of the house; this is what makes the casino industry profit. But with a Bitcoin casino, you are sure to know that the games have fair betting demonstrations. What does this mean? Cryptographic technologies with which you may have been familiar if you has been in the world of Bitcoin enough (hashing), makes it possible for you to verify that the Bitcoin casino has no control over the randomness of the results of each bet, that is, they can not change their outcome after you place the bet since an a-priori hash is sent.

Bitcoin casinos have tools that give players the ability to test that the results of the games have been decided using random numbers that can not be interfered with, either by the casino or by other players. Always be sure to use a Bitcoin casino that has this fair betting demonstration tool, since not all of them do. Whenever you want to verify a game, you can do so by entering the bet identifiers along with other information, and you will immediately get independent verification. It is true that in fiat casinos this is possible, but the process is much more arduous.

When you choose a Bitcoin casino to play, be sure to choose well, verify that it has a license and a good reputation. If you’re new to Bitcoin, and want to choose wisely you’d better get a look to both of our useful posts related, where explain  what to look at when choosing an online casino, and also provide some tips to help you play in these legit casinos bitcoins.

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