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Times have changed, and this is no ‘hipster talk’, it’s a fact. I love going back home, from time to time… Visiting my family; specially my grandma who still keeps some things from her youth, which are now considered antiques (poor grandma, she hates feeling like an old woman). From all that wide variety of stuff she keeps, those old tomato soup cans strike somehow my attention; it must be the advertisement placed at one side.

Adverts used to be shown physically as an image, on those places people used to spend most of their days looking at, or those things people most tended to use. It used to be the back of a bottle of milk or the side of the cereal box, the tall panel right next to the highway, and even the sky, when they jet off planes with that long banner, and got everyone looking up high, forgetting about their dilemmas. However, nowadays, the place we stare at, and spend most of our time at, is our mobile phones and our laptop screens. Doing what? Scrolling down our friends’ feed, or simply sneaking around, in other words, wasting around three hours a day at social networks doing nothing useful. No harm is willing to be done, anyone is open to spend their free time as they wish! Just take a look at myself, I am an online blogger, social networks are a crucial part of my life.

Social Networks Bitcoin CasinoSocial Networks Bitcoin Casino

But As I said before, the fact that our day to day life has changed (taking a look back to the 50’s) is no lie. In fact, if you are reading this at the moment, you are part of the ‘new-era’ game. Online casinos know this, not only because they’ve adapted their physical poker tables to an online version; but because they’ve adapted their merchandising to the 21st century as well.

Nowadays, most advertising is focused on social networks. It either be Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook… what’s important here is that, it no longer is in our daily three dimensional world. Who cares about the bulletin board we had back at uni? No one! What really strikes our attention is when someone who we follow on social network, posts about this new wonderful thing they’ve just bought, or the latest game they’ve played, or how much fun they had doing this thing. No wonder we take them seriously, they are people who we follow, and who we have as a reference, so when we hear they’ve enjoyed playing at Bitstarz, for example, a small click happens in our brains that gets us thinking that maybe we should check out that website ourselves, as we might enjoy it as well. This, is the power of social networks, dear readers.

This is one of the ways online casinos sell themselves: getting other people to talk or write about them, generally paying them, just like the cosmetic industry has totally got half Instagram and Youtube working for them. Another way online casinos get the advantage of social networks is by enhancing the player to post something on their personal Facebook account. Most online casino webpages have got direct links to Twitter, Facebook, and gmail blogs, on the top right-hand side of the screen, for you to post what you are doing at this very moment. This is extremely comfortable, because you no longer need to access Twitter through another tab, and search around for the casino’s Twitter account; once you click on that button at the top, your tweet is partly written, with the casino’s account already searched for you.  Online casino’s know how to take care of their social-network addicted people!

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