Bitcoin gambling statistics

As many of our frequent visitors are aware, our business at is Bitcoin gambling and all that entails: players, casinos, promos and bonuses, games, developers, regulation, legislation, news regarding Bitcoin and anything and everything in between. We like to keep our finger on the pulse of the Bitcoin gambling world and, as it is a world that is growing fasting than ever, it is important to be aware of just how much traffic we are talking about.

We all know that online Bitcoin gambling is a big business and the arrival of Bitcoin has prompted a surge in online gambling as players feel safer with Bitcoin, owing to the security of the cryptocurrency, the relative anonymity, the speed of transactions involving cryptocurrencies and the better odds generally involved at online Bitcoin casinos.

To start with, the numbers involved in Bitcoin gambling are simply astounding. The Bitcoin Strip has been keeping tabs on bets placed at several online casinos since the end of 2014 and in the two and a half years since, almost four million bitcoins have been bet at online casinos. That’s over eleven billion American dollars going on current exchange rates. Also, it was estimated that in 2013, roughly half of all Bitcoin transactions made involved online casinos. Online gambling with Bitcoin is in in a big way as part of the online gambling market and, equally, as part of the Bitcoin market.

Because the majority of online casinos are accessible from almost any corner of the planet and players may also find other ways to access them so it’s hard to pin down exactly which are the biggest online gambling nations. However, these statistics provided by H2 Gambling Capital show figures for gambling revenue by country and also contain a part that shows the portion of gambling in total that is made up of online gambling. A quick glance at the table suggests that Ireland bets the biggest amount per capita at online casinos, while countries like Australia, Sweden, Finland and Norway come in behind. In terms of total numbers, the United States of America is the biggest gambler, losing a whopping estimated $116.9bn in 2016. The next country on the list is China, with nearly half that amount, roughly $62.4bn. Although these countries are big gamblers, it is worth noting that online gambling is illegal in both, though online gambling still makes up part of their respective losses. Similarly, gambling revenue in both those countries tops the table, vastly surpassing the revenue spent by other countries.

Bitcoin gambling statistics
Bitcoin gambling statistics

While similar data for online Bitcoin casinos isn’t as easy to come across, it is not hard to imagine that the figures would be similar proportionally in relation to that spent in other formats. As Bitcoin casinos continue to grow, it’s easy to imagine that it will eat into the online gambling market as gamblers search for less riskier ways to gamble online.

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