Bitcoin in Civil War

The bitcoin community has entered the Civil War. Beyond the opposition between those who propose the SegWit solution and those who propose the Bitcoin Unlimited solution – BU – many in the community have lost their civility. Posts on Reddit and Twitter of personalities like Jihan Wu, show that consensus is probably no longer a viable option.

The reality is that the community is facing an imminent hard fork that will divide an economy worth about $ 17 billion dollars in two. Acceptance of this currency and its brand is at stake.

Exchange Houses adjust themselves

As in any other war, companies, organizations and individuals try to protect their assets. After Meter Todd revealed the weakness in Bitcoin Unlimited software, 20 of the leading crypto-currency exchange houses, jointly announced how they would operate in the event of a hard fork. These exchange houses will allow users to exchange both versions of bitcoin on their platforms; however this option can only be adopted by the big players, small businesses and individuals at the base of the Bitcoin economy pyramid will suffer more, as well than in any other civil war.

The average user will probably only be able to protect himself by leaving the bitcoin economy altogether to put his goods safe. They will become, in fact, in those who seek refuge because of the War, adopting other crypto-currencies probably, looking for legitimate alternatives.

The interests of the users are at the heart of the problem, and they have no voice or vote in the matter, since the two sides only sympathize how many blocks each point at, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the scheduling or effectiveness of the solution, but a politic problem.

Common users use their political power

The result of a civil war that forces ordinary users to choose between sides will never have the legitimacy that bitcoin has currently and the launching of accusations between them instead of dealing with the problem will only serve to further alienate users.

It may be too late to stop the war, but it will never be late to tell the generals on both sides that ordinary users are genuinely concerned about their behavior. If the big players want to fight, ordinary users have the responsibility to communicate their disagreement and the duty to deal with the problem harshly while they treat people with gentleness.


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