Bitcoin is quoted above the ounce of gold for the first time

The virtual currency reached last Thursday a record price of $ 1,293

Bitcoin, the world’s first virtual currency, surpassed last Friday’s price of one ounce of gold. It has traded in the financial markets at 1,293 dollars, a record price, and higher than 1,223 gold, which depreciated 0.75% during the session. Throughout last Friday, Bitcoin was revalued 5.6%, reaching its maximum price, according to MarketWatch data.

The virtual currency created in 2009, surpassed for the first time the 1,000 dollars at the end of November of 2013, when it reached a record of 1,137 dollars. But its change came to fall around 200 dollars in January 2015.

Bitcoin is quoted above the ounce of gold for the first timeBitcoin is quoted above the ounce of gold for the first time

In the last 12 months, Bitcoin has accumulated a revaluation of 215.4%. The cryptocurrency started 2017 surpassing the $ 1,000 threshold for the first time since 2013. In these two months, its price has increased around 27%.

Bitcoin was the first virtual currency, but its usefulness has been questioned in the cases of fraud and a remarkable robbery worth 58 million euros last August. Where a group of hackers stole from Bitfinex exchange house, based in Hong Kong (one of the largest platform in the world to exchange this virtual currency) almost 120,000 bitcoins from accounts of several users with an approximate value of 58 million euros. Bitcoin value plummeted up to 484.82 dollars, a drop above 20%, when the news was known due to the distrust of the users that trade with the currency. Hours later it recovered slightly and came to stand at 540 dollars. The price of this currency, which is not subject to any monetary authority, is already very volatile itself!

On the other hand, in a recent study, the Swift Institute said that it is unlikely that Bitcoin or other virtual currencies will displace traditional ones in the future. Despite this, many countries, such as Argentina, Venezuela, Greece and Cyprus received pleasantly Bitcoin at the time when their own currency was devaluating. Overall it is a subject we can not predict or speculate about, but only wait to see how events are taking place…

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