Bitcoin Lottery

Over the years Lotteries and Lottery style draws have become more and more popular all over the world. The game in essence is a game of chance that involves a selection of numbers that are drawn at random.

bitcoin Lottery
Bitcoin Lottery

Early evidence suggests that the first lotteries became popular during the 16th century in Florence, Italy although there are also references to the game mentioned in several Biblical scriptures. Later on during the colonial period, lotteries became popular in America, which is surely an important factor in its popularity today. During that time lotteries were very different as the funds that were made in the process were dedicated to charity efforts such as community centers, bridges and churches. In the 19th century the game continued to grow, spreading to more States across America and finally becoming a global sport.

Currently lotteries can gain values of billions of dollars, with lucky participants cashing in life changing amounts of money every day. There are many ways to participate including scratch cards, weekly televised draws, as well as online buy ins, each with their unique prizes providing a healthy array of choice for gamblers to choose from.

Nowadays exist many forms of online lottery games that not only accept traditional currencies but also the newer digital currencies such as the Bitcoin. As in traditional games, the player will choose their combination of numbers from the given selection, traditionally either between 1-49 or 1-75. All online lotteries use software that generates the winning numbers automatically so the player can be sure of a fair chance with each game played.

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