Classic and not so classic games to play with Bitcoin

With the arrival of Bitcoin as a digital currency, many online casinos have begun to accept it and include it on their games. Bitcoin is used in some casinos and players have subscribed to them using it. In addition, it is comfortable and easy to use; you simply have to change your money for bitcoins, and these bitcoin will be after used to play the casino games you want.

If you are interested in playing casino games with Bitcoin, we are sure that you will find one appealing on our varied games section. As a digital currency, Bitcoin allow you to choose from a wide selection of games at numerous online casinos and because we like to keep you on the loop, we have put together some of the most popular Bitcoin games you can play:

Classic and not so classic games to play with Bitcoin
Classic and not so classic games to play with Bitcoin
Classic Casino Games (further information can be found in each link)

 Bitcoin Roulette  – It is the same as normal Roulette, the aim of this game is to make the correct prediction about what number and color will fall the roulette ball.

Bitcoin Blackjack  – This version of Blackjack distinguishes itself from normal Blackjack by using bitcoins as a currency. Despite this, it basically uses the same rules as normal Blackjack.

Bitcoin Video Poker  – There are many variations of this Bitcoin game that you can play. One of the most common variations is JacksUp, also called “Jacks or Better“. Video poker with Bitcoin uses the same rules as discarding poker, with the difference that you are not playing against other players. Your winnings are based on the hand you have after you click the “Discard” button.

Bitcoin Poker  – An example of Bitcoin game is the version Caribbean Poker. You can learn this game easily, as it is the same as classic poker but in this case the players don’t compete against each other but against the croupier.  You can find it at most Bitcoin online casinos.

Bitcoin Slots – You can choose from a variety of slot games using Bitcoin. An example would be the RGBells slots. It is a slot machine that gives a lot of prizes, according to some players who have tried it.

These are just some of the many Bitcoin games that use traditional rules. There are many more classic games that you can play using Bitcoin, such as Craps, Baccarat, Lottery, Dice, Sic Bo, and Pai Gow.

Keep in mind that there are also new online casino games that accept Bitcoin. Those games can be of a very different nature, some are played on an individual level while others are made to enjoy in multiplayer. Below we describe some of Bitcoin’s newest games:

Satoshi Dice – This game uses a simple mechanic that can be understood by everyone. All you have to do is send bitcoins to the designated address, making sure that the amount you send is within the minimum and maximum limits. Then you choose a Lucky Number and the dice will be thrown. You win if the number is greater than the Lucky Number.

Bitcoin Hi / Lo – In this Bitcoin game, all you have to do is predict whether the card has a value higher or lower than the card currently displayed.

Bitcoin Over / Under – It looks somewhat like Hi / Lo, all you have to do is predict whether the value of the 2 dice will be lower or higher. It is considered minor and the data show a value of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Otherwise, it will be higher. Make the correct prediction and get a 1: 1 payment.

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