‘Ethereum is superior’ – Mike McGovern

With all the talk of Bitcoin and Ethereum these days, it is no wonder that someone people may wonder which of the two leading cryptocurrencies offers the more attractive package. The duo are by far the most prominent and successful cryptocurrencies to date and demand and interest in both far outstrips that for other digital currencies. Inevitably, when trying to decide between one or the other, the debate over which one is better throws up several different viewpoints and a definitive answer still remains to be found.

The latest figurehead in the financial industry to have his say is Mike McGovern. McGovern has recently been announced as the head of Investor Services Fintech Offerings at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, the oldest private bank in the United States of America. When some in a position of power at such an influential bank speaks publicly on cryptocurrencies, people tend to listen and pay attention.

According to McGovern, the answer is clear: “When looking at bitcoin blockchain versus Ethereum, there’s no doubt Ethereum is superior.” McGovern identifies two key traits that gives Ethereum the upper hand in this battle: the cost involved in production: as the production of Ethereum involves less electricity, it is therefore cheaper to produce; and, secondly, the uses for Ethereum. While Bitcoin is a currency and its blockchain technology is a model that can be used separately, Ethereum is a combination of several different abilities and works as a more complete product.

While the debate rages on, this is merely one more view on which cryptocurrency has more promise. As far as our readers are concerned, in the debate over which cryptocurrency is better for gambling, for the time being, Bitcoin is the one that holds the title as Bitcoin online gambling has a more established presence and Ethereum-based casinos still have a long way to go to catch up. While Ethereum gambling continues to grow, the choice available for Bitcoin gamblers is infinitely greater, as is the availability of Bitcoin, meaning that, for now, Bitcoin is still the go-to cryptocurrency for online gamblers.

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