Facial recognition in casinos online

Technology progresses by leaps and bounds and facial recognition systems are already common in many physical casinos, however these technologies are being already created by companies in order to be applied in online casinos too.

It is something that has been seen in the movies for years, and even so, sometimes it is something really surprising, extemporaneous and certainly no matter how much time goes by, it will continue to be seen as a thing of the future.

Facial recognition in casinos online
Facial recognition in casinos online

Although it is perceived as something of fiction, many technologies of this type already exist. They are applied mainly in areas of security such as banks and large companies to identify the access of people, so it is not surprising that in a place where so much money is moved like in a casino, also have developed facial recognition systems: they are quite common in Las Vegas casinos as an example.

In this sense, and related to casinos offline, just a quick mention to a new sophisticated facial tracking system called CASINO-ID, based on Biometric Face Recognition. The Tech is still young, but it has the potential to change casino surveillance forever. It uses biometric technology to capture images using a property’s existing CCTVs, and then to create databases and compare images based on facial features only finding undesirables in the casino’s database. If the system finds a match, it alerts security.

Coming back to our subject in hand, the online casinos, we have to say that at the moment there are already several companies that are known to be working on face recognition for online casinos. In some, the system registers the person with a webcam or mobile device, creates an identification of the person and then compares it with a new identification that will be made once the user has started to play, others use webcams and Algorithms.

Obviously the use of this type of technology is not as easy in the virtual world as it may be in physical casinos. Just as an example, for it to be simple the player would have to lend himself to being quiet for a few seconds looking at the webcam of his computer and that, in many occasions, is really complicated to say the least.

As useful as smart facial recognition may sound, not everyone is sold on it, and there will be many players who do not agree with the system an even give up the game for the same reason (perhaps because they have something to hide, for private reasons, lack of accuracy, technology hasn’t reach its full potential…), however the truth is that the advantages for the players are multiple:

Simple and barrier-free access without waiting times, data confidentiality and independent capture of personal data and blacklists. And while, operators will have simpler and faster admission control and a unique identification of blocked players, which prevents double access, access of self-expelled or censored people for different reasons (e.g. players who voluntarily register as addicts), it will also helps strict compliance of restrictions and blocking people with indications of being minor.

Overall there are positive consequences for both companies and licit players. Although still is in working process, as is still very much in its infancy, face recognition in online casinos will be a reality well before you can even think of. What’s more, major gaming companies like Landbrokes or Grosvernor.

So now you know what’s going on, so if you happen to be playing, do no forget to brush your hair!!! You never know who may be looking on the other side!!

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