Getting started with online slots

With the boom in online Bitcoin casinos continuing at a steady pace, curiosity is getting the best of some and more people are getting involved in these Bitcoin casinos. This means that a lot of beginner players are making their way en masse to the most popular Bitcoin casinos to try their hands at the cherished casino games which make up their inventories. One problem for these new enthusiasts is that they are not overly familiar with the games on offer and a lack of information can lead to them missing out on the possibility of winning big amount of money so we here at have set out to offer some tips to our readers on how to play what is by far the biggest game at online casinos: slots.

Slots are by far the most popular games available at online Bitcoin casinos and make up the largest amount of games you will find at any casino you happen to visit. As such, there is plenty of information out there to help you if you need it when starting out. We’ve come up with some ideas of our own to guide you on your initial journey through online slots.

How much to spend?

The first thing to consider is the amount of money you are willing to spend and how far that will get up in game time. If you set up with a small stash but play on a slot with high bets then you’re not going to be playing for a very long time. Similarly, if you want to bet big, you need to find the slots that allow you to bet big.

When to move on?

“Hot” and “cold” machines don’t exist in the online casino world. If you have a machine that pays out big, it is just as likely to pay out the next time round as the use of provably fair games means every single spin offers the chance of winning big.

What about paylines?

Paylines are important. If you’re afraid that using more paylines will lead to you spending more money, lower the amount you bet. You will have better chances of winning if you have all the paylines active. Lowering the amount of active paylines means you might miss out on bonus features or disable the scatter symbols.

How do I use free spins?

Free spins are another way to get to grips with slots machines. Look out for online Bitcoin casinos that run promotions offering free spins as there are always available and you can use them to earn some winnings while not spending money on it.

Slots are the biggest part of online Bitcoin casinos and everywhere you go, you’ll find plenty of them to play so it helps having an idea of how to play them. The main thing about playing slots is that you should have fun.

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