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There are many different ways to use a Bitcoin, whether it’s for purchasing things, online surveys or gaming. Bitcoin games can be a fun way to add value or potentially double your funds whilst doing something fun and entertaining. Although the use of the Bitcoin is a fairly new idea, there are already a whole host of over 300 gambling and gaming sites; some that were originally just for use with money and others that have been created to play solely with Bitcoins.


There exists not only online casino games, but also games of other genres such as RPG, Flash games and puzzle games. Some can even be downloaded as apps on portable devices such as mobiles and tablets and played on the go. There is a large choice of free games that don’t require deposits so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Some of the most popular Bitcoin games are casino games from sites such as;

CoinRoyale – Sign up includes free bitcoin and welcome gift of 5$ worth of Bitcoins, No downloads required and the games are PF approved.

Bitcoin games. Coinroyale
GoldBitcoinCasino. Bitcoin games. Coinroyale

Rollin– Instant gameplay, typical game of roll with assurance of a provably fair chance of winning.

Coin Sweeper– A modern and quirky take on the classic computer game Minesweeper, reveal tiles without finding a bomb. An in browser game without the need to download anything, entry to the game will cost you a minimum of 100 satoshis.

There are many casino games but also other genres of Bitcoin games such as shooter games, puzzle, boardgames and quizzes for those that prefer something a little different. Some of the more popular picks are;

SatoshiQuiz- Satoshi is the first name of the creator of the Bitcoin, but if you see it in game titles it refers to the smallest sub-unit of a Bitcoin. A single Bitcoin is equal to 100 million satoshis. The game SatoshiQuiz is great fun for those that like a challenge with topics such as Books, General Knowlege, Sports and Science. You are given one minute to answer each of the questions and with the chance to win 1000 Satoshis for each that you answer correctly.

Bitcoin Games. Coinsweeper
GoldBitcoinCasino. Bitcoin Games. Coinsweeper

DragonsTale– Complete quests to gain and unlock new content, Dragons Tale is the first MMORPG with sole use of Bitcoins, making an entertaining game that comprises 60 casino games in one.

Uranus attacks– One of the first iOS games with exciting levels, can be played on the go and offers users a bonus for sharing the game with friends.

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