How to increase online casinos’ incomes II

The most effective type of marketing campaign

Massive campaign must be looking at depend on the stage of your client, so there are 3 different levels that you will have to look at:

1) You will have to accept new player’s registration through the website.

2) After that, you’ll have to do promotions and marketing campaign to keep them playing in your website,

3) And after that if they decide to leave your page, you will have to come up with something to bring them back.

Within these phases you’ll need to:

  • Have good sign-up bonus, but you have to make sure it is leading to the right people, so if you offer too much for free, you will attract people who wants only play for free, and that’s not what you want, you want to create a deposit.
  • Assess all the promotions, to see the risk and avoid loosing money.
  • Provide something different from others, that is why you never have to be scare to try your promotion ideas, as long as you consider they are right.

Effective marketing campaigns

Some  effective marketing campaigns highlighted by Betsoft are: Sign Up Bonuses, Cash bonus, New Game releases, affiliates, personalization, SEO, Tournaments, Radio, TV ads, E/mailing, Banners… We are choosing just three of these attractive marketing tools to show you its value within your business.

  • Sign up bonuses: Its good to have them, but bear in mind nowadays no player plays in only a website, so you have to offer them something different too.
  • Free spins: According to betsoft, it’s an old, easy and nevertheless great marketing tool. As a game provider they offer such functionality to all their partners, using different campaigns. They are very good for player to get to know your casino or try out a particular game that the operator would like to push. As an operator you can use it in very different ways:  as a welcome bonus, to try new game, as a reward so that would make them feel special or as a reactivation in case they want to go somewhere else.It is known that with these free spins you don’t actually get deposit from the player, however with their registration in your website to play you will be getting the contact details of a future deposit maker.
  • No deposit bonus: One of the “yummiest” and most appealing promotion tools. This bonus gives gamblers a chance to try out games without any financial investments, not to mention they can win actual money when using the free casino chips. Enable gamblers, especially less experienced ones, to get a taste of what playing in a real casino feels like and explore the features of various casino games without committing with any financial investments. Also they emphasized the importance for online casinos to “win back” the wager in this type of free promotions.

Despite this, promotions can also fail;  it is well know that gambling activities are officially prohibited in the Market, but there are some exceptions to that, so commercialize gambling through media it is not such a fully idea. But may be risky and it may result that your website will be blocked from a special service; also the launch of aggressive news letters could end up on failure.

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