investFeed to focus on cryptocurrencies

investFeed, an American trading platform that operates out of New York, is making waves in the Fintech industry as it has recently announced that it will drop its equities platform and begin to focus its operations purely on cryptocurrency. Describing the move, investFeed CEO Ron Cherneskey stated: “Our strong belief in the future of cryptocurrencies prompted our decision to pivot from equities to decentralized digital assets. We feel that investFeed’s future should fully embrace the greatest technological breakthrough since the Internet.”

investFeed is a programme that has been in business since 2014 and can be described as a trading social network. The idea is that you use investFeed to keep track of the investments you are making, what you are buying, what you are selling in a feed format. The social network aspect comes in as you can share your feed with other people from around the world and thus give tips to other investors who use the service. Similarly, you can make the most of the service by examining the investments made by others and using them to encourage your own investment.

With investFeed swinging in the direction of the cryptocurrency market, this will be an opportunity for like-minded cryptocurrency investors to get together and share their ideas while encouraging further investment in the digital currencies market.

To help with the development involved with realigning the direction of investFeed’s focus, the company has announced a token sale that will help to fund the move. The token sale is capped at 28,000 Ether and once completed, the FEED tokens will be distributed as such: 5% will be designated for the Core Team, 2.5% for the production of the new investFeed platform, 2% will go to advisors, 1.5% will be placed in a rewards and bounty system and the remaining 89% will be distributed among the participants. FEED tokens can be used by investFeed users who wish to enjoy a more enhanced experience of investFeed, such as removing ads or being able to access better tips.

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