Mike Tyson and his own Bitcoin ATM

As strange as it might sound, it seems true. The famous former heavyweight champion of the world has within his varied eccentricities, proposed the creation of a Bitcoin ATM with his image on it.

This ATM that was established in 2015 appeared along with many controversies, having a number of detractors during all this time, for example CoinDesk already reported on allegations that the company was a scam.

Bitcoin’s CEO Peter Klamka refuted it, adding that he is betting on the image of the boxing champion in his teams to generate more attraction to Bitcoin. With Tyson’s great media power, the odds of success, at least in the United States, are quite high.

In the same way, the former boxer hit back to the critique saying “We are not looking for anything other than to get the word out about the coolest way to buy Bitcoin”

The first ATM of Mike Tyson‘ series was called “Mike Tyson Bitcoin.”, and was installed and active in the city of Vegas, with the next slogan:

“The fastest Mike Tyson‘s knock out was 30 seconds. Mike Tyson‘s ATM Bitcoin can turn your money into Bitcoin in less than 20 seconds. “

This ATM charges 10% fee and has a cash limit of $1000 for the unregistered, the machine appears to be a standard model manufactured by a company called Lamassu.

The ATM is in black and white colors, stamped with the image of the former boxer Mike Tyson and his iconic tattoo on the face, as shown below:

Mike TysonMike Tyson

Some of the disadvantages that users comment are the fact that it can only be used in one way, that is, you can only deposit dollars to convert them into Bitcoin. This ATM joins the more than 450 ATMs that use Bitcoin worldwide, which charge a fee of 6.38% while the series of ATMs “Mike Tyson Bitcoin” charge 10%.

With all this, we want to show the power of this criptocurrency today and its revolution not only in the world of technology and range of applications but also in the merchandise and entertaining’ World.

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