Notice to players online in Australia

Within the current situation in Australia’ gambling sector, it is well known by everyone that online poker and live sports betting are officially banned, after an amendment that the Parliament of this country approved to end the legal loopholes that previously allowed citizens to play online.

Notice to players online in Australia
Notice to players online in Australia


There have been many retractors of this change, among them Leyonhjelm, a devoted legal opponent of the amendment, who classified this situation as stupid, “if you want to play poker, there are many opportunities in Australia, in casinos and tournaments, the whole world is now online “.

He also stated such changes as unnecessary and ineffective. Claiming that if you have a virtual private network or an offshore account, you could still play, therefore once again he considers it a stupid situation.

He also pointed out that these legal loopholes were used to offer telephone services by websites and applications which, contrary to what was intended, greatly accelerated the betting process, pushing people to use less reliable foreign betting agencies and  promoting ultimately the black market.

Australia’s continuous regulation changes also have scared away many operators such as 888, Vera&John and 32Red (Which already announced their departure from the country last December  and this January) but that doesn’t seem to affect the legislators’ will to make new adaptations.

The government has introduced 11 measures that include creating a national self-exclusion register. Licensed operators will be required to inform gamblers about their activity in order to help them track their spending. Also include the prohibition to offer credit lines or money lending notices to its clients, and a voluntary pre-commitment option of the betting industry, agreed by the State, territory and ministers.

Australian legislators have been holding several meetings to discuss the amendment, which could be finally approved today. The legislation would address local operations as well as off-shore online gaming offerings.

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