Online casinos increase gambling addiction?

Let’s take a look at the latest studies on online gambling, how it is advertised and the addiction problems associated with it. In this special we will compare casinos with online platforms and their relationship with “gambling addiction“.

Online casinos increase gambling addiction?
Online casinos increase gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is a strong element of discussion these days and there are several demonization campaigns of online gambling due to the many stories of gamblers who fall into the addiction net and lose most of their savings on the Internet. The issue, especially in the United States is much debated, one of the initiatives is from Sheldon Adelson and many other politicians who are against this type of game and move against the legalization of online gambling.

However, online gambling was legalized in several countries and this has led to positive effects in the community. It commits to prevent problems arising from the game and carried out actions that could help troubled players.

Many studies have proved that the opposition’s attitude to legalization by Sheldon Adelson was unfounded, since the prohibition of online gambling is not a good solution, bearing in mind that the sector is growing from the economic point of view. Of course, the problem of addiction is very serious and should not be neglected, but it is important to educate everyone to responsible gambling so that it is only considered as a form of entertainment.


The research done by the University of Buffalo against Sheldon’s claims showed that having more opportunities to play has not resulted in an increase in the number of players with problems in the USA, in fact the players are less problematic than a decade ago. On the other hand, other studies conducted at the University have shown that people living near a traditional casino were twice as likely to develop symptoms of problems related to gambling.

Testing the most common online games, in a sample of 40,000 users, sports bettors are the most frequent, however for online poker, studies have shown that players spend an average of less than five hours a week at virtual tables, and lose less than one Dollar per hour of participation in one of the many tournaments available online.

But why are the numbers still the same, even though new casinos were built and online gambling services were implemented? Two types of responses were suggested:

One has to do with the economic situation, so people are more careful in handling their own money, and the other can be traced back to “adaptation theory.” When new opportunities for gambling occur, people are more likely to approach the party, and sometimes even abuse it until the said problems are brought about; over time the players adapt and, therefore, diminish the negative effects.


Despite many false beliefs, the gaming industry is improving the quality of its products and this is demonstrated by the increase in the number of players and employees in the country that takes responsible gambling.

Online casinos often “advise” their customers to play responsibly and always make sure not to bet beyond a certain limit. Real casinos are designed to entertain the player as long as possible, so it is likely that the player loses the notion of playing time. In online casinos, however, the use of pop-up messages encourages users to take a break after long gaming sessions.

The stigmatization of gambling has declined in recent years and this is also due to the growth of the industry on the Internet as well as we have seen how games do not cause addiction in the average users.


The analysis shows that the ads for the game are effective, but they have no impact on players who are going to play more than they should, nor do they encourage play among minors, but the other way around. With these ensures to their customers that they will always be vigilant and will make the current rules guarantee the players to enjoy their favorite options in freedom, but at the same time will also be spokesman for structures and regulations.


From all things considered so far, it can be said that online gambling does not imply an increase in issues related to gambling addiction problems. Contrary to those who oppose legalization, the Internet gambling industry tries to help players through the rules, opt-out options and offers support in case of any inconvenience arises.

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