Online gambling in USA threatened by a federal ban

The most recent news in USA has shocked to many to say the least; after the battles carried out during years to get the online gambling’s legalization  in this country, now it seems that the USA Attorney General (Jeff Sessions currently)  is considering introducing a federal ban on state regulated online gambling all across the country!

Online gambling in USA threatened by a federal ban
Online gambling in USA threatened by a federal ban

Of course these renewed efforts have caused a good deal of concern from supporters of legal, state-regulated online gaming, states which have successfully regulated online gaming sites without any federal involvement or even against Trump’s policy on federal regulation.

USA Attorney General is so determinate to establish this ban that the official is considering this measure even if he lacks the public support.

But many others, such as the National Governors Association are opposed to the ban,  and have the idea that the Restoration of America’s Wire Act restores anything is just senseless, and approach their point on the base that any intervention by the federal government into legal online gambling would create new regulations that would only cause harm. Where states have legalized online gambling, they have effectively regulated it to protect consumers, as well as create jobs and revenue.

A federal ban would undo that progress and threaten jobs, taxes, and the budget health of several states. No doubt Atlantic City casinos are investing and innovating and this is creating jobs and economic opportunities in the gambling industry, so any idea of federal government could kill that progress.

Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are the only states that have introduced and regulated online gaming in the country. (as well as Georgia, Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky lotteries), and the approval of such a ban would result on putting a tremendous burden on such states and the businesses operating in them, costing both jobs and money, as well as making them undo everything they have managed on this front, and prevent other states from following their steps in the subject.

President Trump is completely against regulations, which he classified as “destructive”, stating as well that this disastrous regulations unilaterally imposed by out-of-control bureaucracy have grown into a massive, job-killing industry and therefore these regulation industry is one business he will put to an end.

Will he keep or break one of his core campaign promises?

We’ll have to wait and see…but to start with the supporters of legal, state-regulated are pushing back against federal action and Trump has created a new White House position, dubbed the “special adviser on regulatory issues.”

State Senator Ray Lesniak said that he’s confident that the Court will come to the decision of whether to consider the case or not by the end of June.

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