Playtech: The first online casino provider that already operates in Czech Republic

There are markets that are really difficult to get through by casino companies, due to their strict regulations, entering to certain countries and certain regions of the world become a real feat.

In this sense Playtech has been one of the brands that has managed to enter the market of the Czech Republic, thanks to the agreement with Fortuna on March 3rd 2017. Recently this market has been regulated, and Playtech will be the first company that enters as supplier to this region.

Playtech: The first online casino provider that already operates in Czech Republic
Playtech: The first online casino provider that already operates in Czech Republic

Playtech’s casino games are already 100% operative for players in the recently regulated Czech online gaming market. The agreement that Playtech signed a year ago with Fortuna (the brand that has license to operate in the country) in August 2016 allowed Playtech to supply to Fortuna with a scalable, omni-channel platform and seamless wallet technology enabling it to accelerate its gaming strategy across sportsbook, gaming and CRM and become a leading regulated operator in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. It has also allowed it to be the first software provider to debut in this market after the successful landing in 2016 in Romania. Playtech’s alliance with Fortuna looks set to continue in the next launch of regulated markets like Poland or Slovakia.

Highlight that Fortuna is one of the leading operators in Central European markets and since its foundation (2009) has always tried to count on Playtech in any type of project, first in .com and lately in regulated markets.

Shimon Akad, Head of Operations for Playtech is delighted to be the first casino supplier to debut in the country: “We are delighted to be able to offer our multi-product platform and make it to the maximum performance thanks to the support of Fortuna in this important market.” “It always motivates us and it is a source of pride to be leaders in all the regulated markets that are appearing, and with the union with Fortuna, we are on our way to get it here.”

 We should recall that since January 1, Czech Republic offers legal gambling to its citizens through licenses that have been granted to not many operators, since the high tax burden does not allow too many flourishes for those operators who have no desire to invest and lead the market.

It is clear that a lot of online casino operators want to establish themselves in this country, however, PlayTech has had the privilege of being the first to establish its products available to new players who can enjoy now from online slots, roulette and other board games. Its entry on the market has been modest, but growth in the coming months will be overwhelming for the company which plans to introduce new products to its portfolio of currently available games.

The fact that are pioneers in this market, gives them the possibility to experimenting with a new user and explore new trends, which will generate new reports that may be used in the production of new games in the future.

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