Recent cyber attack and security in casinos online

After having the recent cyber attack on Friday  12 May 2017 which has threatened the entire nation, hitting many of the main companies around the world, has made us reconsider this subject in connection with online gambling and Bitcoin casinos. It is a fact that people will always try their best to cheat casinos both online and offline, and while the method may be different, the impact on casinos of both types will be the same.

Recent cyber attacks and security in casinos online
Recent cyber attacks and security in casinos online

Technology has advanced to such a level that it is almost unfathomable to even begin to imagine the amount of damage just one cyber terrorist attack could wreak on the nation. It could close down the power grid, cause nuclear arms to launch, bring down the entire Internet, disrupt government operations, infiltrate the highest levels of security in government computers and so much more….it is a global concern!!

This is a subject that has affected casinos and online gambling since immemorial times too. But the growing market is trying to meet the needs of the players by providing them with a convenient access to different casino games only a click of the mouse away. It is therefore essential for the casino operators to provide secure gaming environment, which will protect both the house and the players’ interest. Recently, the cyber attacks have become more popular than ever. These crimes can be difficult to detect, hard to trace, and in some cases, verging on impossible to prosecute.

Let’s first have a quick look to possible hacking risks affecting online casinos:

1) Any website is prone to hacking risks, and security vulnerabilities in coding are virtually impossible to eradicate. As new software is developed all the time, and new loopholes identified for exploitation, hackers are always on the front foot when it comes to devising new ways to gain access uninvited.

To guard against these threats, gambling portals rely on secure encryption, providing military-grade protection against hacking and data loss. In addition, data is routinely stored in less accessible places, to make sure that even if a website or app is hacked, privacy concerns are not significant.

2) Online casino operators need to ensure that their games are protected from external influence, the integrity of their games must be complete. That’s why software developers must make sure their games are water-tight against those who would seek to gain access and manipulate the numbers. Random number generators must be impenetrable and proven to be transparent and fair, and casinos must keep their eyes open for any suspicious betting activity that could be derived from their website being compromised.

3) The trouble with cyber security is that it’s an ever changing playing field. What applies today might be next to near useless tomorrow, and casinos and their security departments need to remain one step ahead of the game. Casinos need to get lucky every time – scammers only need to get lucky once. It’s for this reason that so many online casinos are investing extensive time and money behind securing their website – not just for today, but for the unseen risks of tomorrow.

The question is if the safety measures, taken by the online casinos are sufficient and efficient?

Answer to this with certainty is very difficult, as proved from the recent events we are experience around the world and as mentioned before because it is an ever changing playing field. And though it is a fact that casinos are doing everything in their power to prevent the threats associated with hacking, and to protect the safety and security of their users in the process, still will exist chances to be unraveled by hackers. With all this, it is important to make online gambling users aware about the dangers of playing in online casinos, and that a completely infallible security system has not yet been created, however the future prospects are quite positive and hopeful.

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