Satoshi’s Secret game from Endorphina

Satoshi’s Secret is one of the most gripping and intriguing video slots to appear in recent years. Developed by Endorphina, Satoshi’s Secret is a celebration of Bitcoin’s history: it is named in honour of the cryptocurrency’s mysterious and illustrious founder, Satoshi Nakomoto who gave Bitcoin to the world in a 2009 release.

As the name suggests, it is based around technology, the internet and all the mysterious things which take place in that environment. With an interface and design that is heavily-influenced by the Matrix and the use of Satoshi’s name as well as its hooded-figure logo with a Bitcoin sign where its face should be, you quickly get the idea that this is a game shrouded in mystery but also one which makes the most of its surroundings.

Satoshi's Secret
Satoshi’s Secret

Backed by a soundtrack full of tense and atmospheric electronic tunes that really set the tone for what follows, it plays heavily on the concept of anonymity and blends it with technology symbols such as numbers and keyboard letters and hints of hacking that give it a far more fascinating twist than the more basic, colourful slot games we are used to finding at online gambling sites.

How does it work?

The gameplay itself is reminiscent of most slot games. It has 20 lines and six reels presenting the opportunity for numerous combinations. If you win, you are presented with the chance to risk it in a simple high-low, double-or-nothing card game against the dealer.

What truly puts this game at the front of the pack is that Satoshi’s Secret possesses two unique bonus games: the Trader game and the QWERTY game.

The Trader game: If you get a spin displaying four or more bonus symbols, you get the opportunity to become a trader with one of the currencies whose symbols are shown in the game (US dollar, British pound or Euro). You then have to decide which currencies will rise and fall and bet accordingly. If you are not sure, there is also a “Safe Profit” option which allows you to leave with a minimum amount, even if you guess wrong.

The QWERTY game: If QWERTY comes up on your reels, then Satoshi’s Secret launches another bonus game which opens the door to the world of bank account hacking. There are three different types of bank accounts to hack: green ones which are the easiest to hack but contain less money, yellow ones which have more money but are trickier to enter and then red ones which are the most complex but also offer the greatest rewards.

What do we think about Satoshi’s Secret?

It is a highly innovative and truly imaginative online slots game. The aesthetic qualities are impressive, the creative gameplay is inspiring and even the exciting background music is a reason to be interested in this game.

It is a captivating game that doesn’t let you take your eye off it for a second and will certainly keep you coming back for more. The countless possibilities this game offers through its wins and its enthralling bonus games mean this is a game that constantly has something to offer. If you are interested, it’s possible to try the game at Vegas Slots Online or you can have a look at another review about Satoshi’s Secret if you’re still not convinced.

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