Strategies, Tricks and Recommendations in Online DICE games

The game that usually displays in the casino movie where the player (usually a guy) asks a blonde girl next to him, to blow on dice to bring him luck. Subsequently he rolls and depending on the movie moment either he wins a lot of money or loses everything played. Well, although it is a famous game thanks to Hollywood, like many others, the truth is that it is difficult to find it both offline casinos and online casinos. The reason? That perhaps users are a little scared of the amount of bets and rules that can be found and, precisely because of that, most of them started playing easier games such as Roulette or Blackjack. However what beginner users don’t know is that despite the fact that online Dice games have many betting options, it offers the player the highest chances of winning among all the current casino games. This is because the casino presents the players the opportunity to make a bet with the lowest house edge in casino and because it is paid according to the real odds. Interesting? Definitely!

Dice GamesDice Games

Regardless of the game you choose, there are tips and tricks you can take into account to increase your chances of winning by entrusting your luck to dice.

Learn Dice odds

Whether you choose a game to earn money, or just to have fun with your friends or family, a crucial point that will help you achieve victory is knowledge about the odds of online Dice game.

The first step to understanding this point is to learn the total number of possible combinations: a single die can have 6 different combinations and each additional die multiplies this number by 6 (e.g. 2 dice can generate 36 combinations, etc.).

Determine the odds of getting a specific number

At this point, you must determine how you can get the number you have in mind. For example, if you are playing craps and you want to know what the probability of getting a 7 is, just think about how this number is formed with 2 dice of the game. For this specific case, the ways to get a 7 are by means of: 1 – 6, 2 – 5, and 3-4. Since the craps are played with two dice, these combinations are multiplied x2, resulting in 6 possible ways to get the 7.

Finally, to determine the probability of obtaining the number, divide the possible ways of obtaining it in the total number of combinations. Returning to the example, 6 ways divided into 36 combinations gives = 6/36 = 16.67% chance of getting a 7 when throwing dice.

Develop a strategy

When you know the odds of getting a specific number, you can develop strategies for each dice game in which you participate. For example, it’s a good idea to bet on the traditional 7 and 11 craps, as these are combinations with high odds.

When approaching dice game for the first time, you’d better learn a series of simple and effective strategies that match those bets that have a lower house edge and avoid some high-stakes bets.


  • We do not recommend bets that have a house edge quite high, like bets with a single   throw, since it is like if we were giving the money away to the casino.
  • Do not place bets on hard; although it is very fun for the player, the chances of winning are terrible. The advantage for the casino is very high.
  • Big 6 and Big 8 bets offer some advantage to casinos, since they are paid from 1 to 1 when the actual odds are 6 to 5.
  • Although these types of bets are very popular and they provide 2 to 1 payouts, dividends are low and the casino has a 5.5% advantage over the player.

Finally some basic tips in dice for beginners:

Practice on free online sites, i.e. only for chips and for the sake of it, be attentive at all times to your bets, since many bets after winning, stays in the area and then they are withdrawn, so you should pay attention to those who are especially in the center of the table and finally avoid cursing, countering or doing anything against dice to avoid rising many player’s anger and drawn the casino staff’s attention, as there are many superstitions around dice game.

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