Swedish MP moves in at BTCX

While Bitcoin makes headlines on a daily basis and is constantly attracting more and more attention, there are still roadblocks to its growth. If these can be removed then the path towards the wider acceptance and use of Bitcoin will be less congested and easier to navigate. The key to removing these roadblocks lies in the governments of each country and while some progress is being made, most notably in Japan, it takes time for those in charge to warm to the idea of Bitcoin. A far more effective way for the necessary steps to come about is if Bitcoin enthusiasts can find their way into the political system and a glimmer of hope can be seen emerging from Sweden.

One politician who has expressed support and enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency is Mathias Sundin, a Swedish Liberal Party member of parliament. In the 2014 elections, Sundin rose to prominence in the Bitcoin community when he announced that he would only accept political donations in the form of the digital currency. His campaign was successful and he became the first politician elected with the help of Bitcoin-only funding.

Since his election, he has continued working on pushing the Bitcoin agenda and trying to gain a better deal for the cryptocurrency to allow for more access for the cryptocurrency in order to help its continued expansion. He campaigned for more flexibility for Bitcoin operators when using the Swedish banking system and he has had quite some success, with BTCX, Sweden’s largest Bitcoin exchange, eventually being able to obtain a bank account with SEB, Sweden’s leading bank.

The latest move for Sundin is that he has been named as the chairman of the board at BTCX, the very same group that he helped achieve mainstream recognition, no doubt as a sign of their appreciation for how much he has helped them with his efforts. The focus now for Sundin is to continue the work he has done and continue seeking for wider acceptance of Bitcoin in the traditional financial institutions of his homeland.

Sundin’s championing of the Bitcoin cause could also be good news for Swedish Bitcoin gamblers as the position of Sweden’s gambling monopoly is under review and is expected to be opened up to more competition. With the continued increase of online Bitcoin casinos, there could surely be an opening and, with a cheerleader like Sundin, it’s easy to imagine movement in this area.

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