The benefits of Bitcoin sports betting

As Bitcoin online gambling continues to grow, it is important to remember that there is a wide variety of gambling that can be done with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While most online gamblers are immediately drawn to trying their luck at the many online casinos that can be found, there are also online gamblers who prefer to focus their attention on sports events. Though not as big as the online casino market, sports betting is a major presence in the online gambling market and it is gradually expanding into the Bitcoin gambling world as well. As such, we at intend to fill you in on the benefits of using Bitcoin for your online sports betting.


Safety first

As with all Bitcoin operations, and this really can’t be stated enough, safety is a massive selling point for the cryptocurrency. Because of the relative anonymous of the cryptocurrency and the fact that your Bitcoin Wallet is not connected to you in any physical way, using Bitcoin is a secure way to keep a safe distance between your physical finances and that which you use for online gambling. The only money you stand to lose is that which you are wagering.


While there are plenty of people out there who enjoy online gambling and think nothing of it and there are also many more people out there who couldn’t care less what people do with their money, nevertheless there are some people who are judgemental and do not look favourably on those of us who enjoy gambling. The benefit of Bitcoin gambling is that, in relation to the point above, the relative anonymity involved means that you can enter any number of online casinos or sports betting websites and not have to give any personal information such as email addresses or physical ones. Owing to this, there is a high level of anonymity meaning that other uses will not be able to find out just who you are and you can play free of worrying about nosy neighbours.

The choice

There is a startling amount of choice available for those interested in using Bitcoin for their sports betting desires. While online casinos are king in the Bitcoin gambling world, sports betting is one of the princes and is a growing part of the cryptocurrency online gambling sector. Quite a few of the leading Bitcoin casinos have sports betting facilities while there is also a growing number of sites which are wholly dedicated to using Bitcoin for sports betting and nothing else.


One of the main benefits of Bitcoin in any setting is the speed with which it can be used. Deposits and withdrawals can happen in milliseconds, meaning there is little delay between you selecting your money and starting your betting or collecting your winners at the end of your spell.


These are just some of the main benefits when it comes to using Bitcoin for sports betting so bear them in mind if you are embarking on a new online adventure and good luck!

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