The importance of margin betting and its calculation

Topic that drive many bettors mad and that no doubt its knowledge helps to improve the odds of greater profits.

We want to make clear the importance of choosing bookmakers, promotions and markets that offer the lowest possible margins. This is an aspect in which many bettors do not repair today (either play online or live) because for comfort or lack of knowledge they accept slightly worse quotas without taking into account the long-term impact.

The quest for the perfect market is a utopia; basically because traditional bookmakers seek at all times to take the lowest risks possible by applying a margin over all their selections and the bookmakers of exchange assign a commission to all the winning predictions.

From this base, the bettor must adapt to the environment and the one who does the best will be the one who gets outstanding benefits. In this sense it is very important to use betting houses or markets with the minimum possible margins

The importance of margin betting and its calculation
The importance of margin betting and its calculation

How can we calculate the margin that a bookmaker applies to a selection?

Through the method of implied probabilities we can know the percentage of payments of each operator.

To calculate this figure we must first obtain the profit indicator which shows us the amount of money that a betting house receives for each euro that it expects to distribute of prize. It is obtained through the sum of the shares in reverse.

For example: Match Arsenal – AC Milan. Jugandovoy offers us a fee of 2.25 for the victory of the Gunners, 3.50 for the draw and 3.10 for the Rossoneri victory.

Indicator of benefit: (1 / 2.25) + (1 / 3.50) + (1 / 3.10) = 1.053

This means that Jugandovoy expects to receive 1.053 euros for every 1 euro that distributes prize.

The percentage of payments or payout share is the inverse of the profit indicator. So:

Payout share: (1 / 1,053) x 100 = 95% This percentage indicates the amount of money that the bookmaker reverts to its customers. That is to say, for every 100 euros bet by the customers of Jugandovoy in the Arsenal – AC Milan, the house of bets hopes to return 95 euros.

The margin is inversely proportional to our earnings, but if we look closely the larger the margin is, the greater the fall in our profit will be. The higher our rate of success, the greater the profit jumps from one margin to another and vice versa.

However newbie bettors can rightly wonder why they should worry about the odds of all the results since they only bet on one. The concept of the value of the bet is related to the whole market, that is, you have to take into consideration the quotas of all the results. The higher the Margin, the lower the value for the bettor, which is why the Margins are the best way to compare the odds.

Finally mention that the profit margins you should have on your sports bets should be at least 50% profit, you have to invest well, use good capital for the bets.

So you must you create goals and meet objectives, your earnings must be greater than losses, so that you have positive margins, if you have a balance in red it is better to rethink strategies or modify them to remove errors and improve the performance of your money invested, So it is good to have and do balances every week where you can see the results obtained through each week to see what is wrong and what is being done right.

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