Tips and tricks for playing on online slots

Time and again we find on the Internet a lot of WebPages where they claim to know the best strategies and tricks of slot machines with which you can earn a lot of money. Well, we are sorry to say that THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A HOAX! No strategy for slot machines works, it is impossible to use tricks of movies like the one used in Ocean’s 13.

Tips and tricks for playing on online slots
Tips and tricks for playing on online slots

So here, we pretend just to provide you with some real advices on how you should play to get maximum benefit from online slots. You can certainly minimize losses but always following some basic tips: If possible, you should always choose a progressive slot and play with maximum use of the machine and with all pay lines.

Everything else is just good luck and a coincidence.

1) Choose games with higher payout percentages:

While some have only 92% of bets, others have a payout percentage up to 97%. This can be found in the pages of regulated online casinos that publish reports on these payment rates and sometimes also in the forums of casino.

2) Create a budget for games:

If you want to play any casino game, such as blackjack, roulette, poker or slots, you must first determine the bankroll with which to play. In the case of slots, you have to decide in advance which maximum amounts you are willing to lose. However this type of measures is to control losses and not just to ensure money to play every day. As for the online loss controls, you can contact customer service and ask for limitations on daily, weekly and monthly deposits.

3) Use free spins and options:

So for example some of these games can start with free spins that promise extra money. Where you can use the autopilot to avoid clicking every time you finish the free spin. For the rest of the functions, features and bonus rounds, it is recommended to read the instructions of the game to take advantage of them in the best way.

4) Play with maximum paylines:

The expectation in slot games is that in the end always the losses are greater than the winnings. But if you have a safe chance to win, then it is advisable to do it with maximum bet because this is the best way to make money. This happens with most of the progressive slots where it is required to play with maximum bet to be able to request the profit of the jackpot in case of winning.

5) Do not use winnings to bet:

All winnings money must be set aside and you should not use it to bet. The advantage of this method is that at the end of the slots, you would not be left with nothing or a total loss of your available balance. But all this is not easy at online casinos because the money always ends up in the same account. That’s why we recommend using the Butler function. You can simply put some self-limits on the expenses and write the initial money that you want to use to play. (If after finishing playing you have for example about $50 then you can know how much you had won during the session.)

We hope you find these advices useful!!!

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