Types of Poker games online I

Poker is the most famous card game in the world, and is played both online and live. But the term, poker, in fact, denotes a series of card games based on the same concept, but that it boasts different rules and ways of playing. Read this article to know a bit more about the types of poker games best known.

Types of Poker games online I
Types of Poker games online I


Hold’em Texas is the best-known type of poker because it is easy to play, but offers a big variety of tactical and strategic decisions. Texas Hold’em Poker is full of action, fun, and always rewards the player who uses the best strategy to play poker.
It is believed that this variant of poker was invented sometime in the early twentieth century in Texas, United States, to then become known throughout the country. Texas Hold’em poker began to be available in the casinos of Las Vegas in 1967, and from that moment it became the favourite game of many.

People attribute the increased popularity of this variety of poker to the fact that it offers four rounds of betting instead of the two of discounted poker, which was played before the Hold’em became famous.

Playing the game is simple, although you must have knowledge about the value of the cards and various strategies to succeed.


Omaha is another extremely popular variant of poker that is available in online poker rooms or in real casinos. It is very similar to Texas Hold’em Poker, but contains some key differences in the way you play.

At Omaha Poker, four cards are dealt to each player, and their task is to use two of those cards to form a winning combination with three of the five community cards. The player with the most valuable hand wins.

The number of cards dealt to each player increases the number of strategic decisions needed, which makes Omaha poker somewhat complicated but very entertaining at the same time.

Omaha poker became relatively famous after Texas Hold’em, introduced in Las Vegas for the first time in 1982, but in very little time became an instant success.


7 Card Stud Poker was the most popular poker version before Texas Hold’em appeared, but that does not mean that 7 Card Stud is no longer popular, in fact, this variety of poker Competes very closely with Hold’em and is said to be the second most played type of game.

The rules of Card Stud Poker with 7 cards are very different from those of Texas Hold’em in terms of how to play, formation of combinations of cards and bets. While in Hold’em the players receive two cards, in the discovered poker the players receive 7 cards, three face down and two face up.

At the end of the round, players remaining on the table must form a combination of five cards with the 7 cards they have. The best combination wins. Note that in 7-card poker (7 Card Stud Poker) no common cards are dealt.

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