Types of Poker games online II

Following our last article about variants of poker, we are going to mention two more varieties which are in the top list for players and cannot be missing:

Types of Poker games online II
Types of Poker games online II


5 Card Draw Poker is similar to Texas Hold’em, but contains an element that is very different, the fact that players can discard cards.

The game starts in the same way as Texas Hold’em, which means that players must make some mandatory bets called blind bets. Then, the dealer will deal five cards face down to each player.

Next is a round of betting, and when it ends, there is the possibility of discarding up to five cards of the hand. This possibility is optional, and one can keep all his cards if he wishes.

In the final round, each player must reveal his cards, and the one with the best combination, the most valuable hand, wins the pot. If more players have the same combination of cards, the pot is dealt.


In Caribbean Stud Poker, the player faces the house and not the other players. This fact makes the player more difficult to win. Since the house is an opponent difficult to win because some odds play slightly in their favour. It was supposedly invented during the 80’s, which makes it one of the younger variants of poker.

Before receiving the cards, in Caribbean Poker, each player must make an advance bet. After that, the dealer will deal five cards to each player and also to himself. Each player’s card will be dealt face down, but the dealer will receive one card face up and the rest face down.

Players must then withdraw (abandon the game and lose the ante) or play (double the ante). Then the dealer will reveal the four cards he had face down.

The most important thing to remember is that the dealer must have an ace with a king or higher in his hand to continue playing. If the dealer does not have these cards, he must pay the players the same money.

But if the dealer has a combination of cards containing the mentioned cards, he will continue to play and in the next round each player must compare his combination with the dealer. The highest hand wins.

These are from our point of view the most common types of poker games available nowadays (though there are some more varieties). But, which game is the best?

There is not answer to this question, it all depend on what’s the best for you, considering some personal factors such as availability, risk willing to take, enjoyment and skill level. It‘s worth trying out a few different games, experimenting with them and only this way you will ultimately discover the right one for you.

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