US Postal seeks for darknet specialists with bitcoin experience

The US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), the law enforcement arm of the US Postal Service, is planning to hire 34 “Intelligence Gathering Specialists”, in order to prevent any possible attack. “We want to make sure no harm is done to the U.S mail, or our employees”.

US Postal seeks for darknet specialists with bitcoin experience

These investigative/internet analysts must use their intelligence to investigate and detect any case of cybercrime, identity theft, workplace violence, narcotics… that have been going on at the US Postal’s headquarters.

However, there already are teams whose job is preventing and detecting all of the above. What would make this new internet analyst team stand out, would be their knowledge of the darknet markets, the analysis of what is stored on blockchain… and crucial to all of this: the understanding of bitcoin.

These candidates would work on identifying bitcoins, and along with them, locations, accounts, services, travels, email addresses, IP addresses and other patterns of life data seeking to determine the physical attribution of an Internet identity, in other words: de-anonymize the darknet. All of this is possible, as suspicious or tainted transactions are logged to a database that can then be used by USPS, as well as other agencies, simply by comparing these with USPS databases of everyone’s mail.

While some people who have heard news about this job offer, think it’s a waste of time, and others even consider it as another battle in America’s war against drugs (a redditor, going by the pseudonym ‘btcbadboy’, which since then has set out conflict); the US Postal states it is only an aim to high profile darknet market places and cyber-criminals that are using the US mail or targeting the USPS, its products, service, network or employees for attack or exploitation.

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