What you need to remember about Welcome Bonuses

In the world of online Bitcoin gambling, the important thing for casinos is get to players in. With such a large amount of players out there, as well as the ever-growing number of online casinos to play at, there is plenty of competition between rival casinos as they think of ways to lure the players into their casinos. The most common way to do this is by running promotions or offering bonuses to potential players. Bonuses for prospective players have become so common among online Bitcoin casinos that it is now standard for new players that sign up to a casino will receive a Welcome Bonus.

Welcome bonus Bitcoin Casinos
Welcome bonus Bitcoin Casinos

There is no standard Welcome Bonus, every casino offers its own spin on it and some offer better deals than others. Some offer matching bonuses, others offer non-deposit bonuses, some include free spins, others don’t. There is a lot of variety about. This piece intends to offer some insight into what to expect and what you can do once you get your hands on the actual bonus.

Wagering requirements

The most important thing to remember when it comes to online Bitcoin casino bonuses is that there is no such thing as free money. Welcome Bonuses always come with wagering requirements, i.e. a set of rules that you need to comply with before you can get your hands on the bonus itself. These inevitably include spending a certain amount of your own money before the casino will give you any of theirs.

Many wagering requirements are based on a multiple of the bonus. For example, a 100% matching bonus up to 1BTC with a 20x multiplier means you’ll need to spend 20BTC before you can get your hands on the 1BTC included in the offer so even if you get what seems like a generous bonus offer, it could take a long time and a lot of your own stash before you actually get to use it.

Winning limits

As well as the wagering requirement, which is standard for all bonuses, some casinos may impose a winning limit on Welcome Bonuses meaning you can only win so much with the funds gained from the bonus. This takes the fun out of the bonus somewhat as you know that if you win big, it’ll come out of your own pocket.

Don’t pick casinos purely for the bonus

Every casino is going to offer an attractive bonus to get more customers through their doors so you also need to be careful about which one you decide on. This is because later on it could prove to be a casino that doesn’t offer a good all-round deal once the bonus is gone. Remember that bonuses are there to attract players but any casino can throw together an attractive offer, the key indicator of a good casino is its ability to hold onto players and keep them coming back.

Bonuses will help you out

It’s not all seriousness and warnings when it comes to bonuses, however. Once you find one that’s a good fit and at a reputable casino, you need to make the most of the bonus and get it working for you. Don’t think of bonuses as free money, it’s better to think of them as a cushion or an extra to help you out when you need it. Also, free spin bonuses can also come in handy as you can use them to try out games you’re not entirely sold on. Bonuses are your friend so use them carefully.

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