Where to play Bitcoin Slots: betchain, bitcasino, bitstarz

We’ve previously talked about Bitcoin slots at GoldBitcoinCasino and now we’ll dive into it a bit more.

We exposed how fulfilling they can be at times, plus, their ability to make us feel alive: betting, and settling our money to chance. We also set out three different Bitcoin Casinos, which, as a personal opinion, offer the best Bitcoin slots; not only for their lively games (which really deserve an applause for artistic work), but also, as I exposed previously, the three of them had high rates of payment return (around 98%), this basically means that you’ll probably win more money than you would at another online Casino.

Today, I will compare these three casinos I talked about, taking a closer look to their Bitcoin Slots:

 Three casinos comparation: bitstarz, betchain, bitcasino Three casinos comparation: bitstarz, betchain, bitcasino

When talking about quantity, among the three of them, Betchain probably has more slots you can play to, though Bitstarz has also got a remarkable amount of video slots you can play to! What was a bit shocking, was to compare these previous two, with the third one: Bitcasino, which really didn’t offer that much variety, in comparison. However, I am more of a “quality before quantity” person, and even though Bitcasino didn’t offer as many video slots, it still had quite a big number of Bitcoin Slots. Anyone who’s a fan of slots, probably knows that there really are too many! Even though the rules are easy, and the goal is always the same one!

So yes, Bitcasino may not have that much offer. However, it’s got the tidiest webpage of all three: its background is white, which really makes the different images stand out, it produces some kind of aura that projects cleanness, which instantly makes you feel like playing, specially unlike Bitstarz, whose black background puts off.

Something quite similar happens to BetChain. When you enter into their webpage, and are choosing among their different slots, half of my screen is occupied with a big “BetChain” at the top. I really don’t think it is necessary to write down the name of the Casino so big, I already know where I am playing at. Those webpages that leave their brand at the top, even when you scroll down, just take up space, not letting the visitor enjoy itself. Apart from this, the scrolling down is a big issue Betchain has, probably, its major problem.

Betchain has all their games set out together, one after the other. In other words, poker games, slot games, card games… they are all at the same home screen (separated into different categories, not mixed up though); meaning that if you are one of those online-conservative people, just like me, who like to scroll down using the right hand side bar in the screen, then you are definitely doomed, as the bar is too thin to scroll down peacefully.

However, Betchain has also got its pros, despite its terrible online design. Betchain has got its video slots arranged in alphabetical order, something which can be extremely handy if you enjoyed a certain game and wish to play it again on the following day; you don’t have to search for it among chaos (like you would at Bitstarz and Bitcasino), you simply scroll down to that certain letter.

In conclusion, all three of them are amazing casinos, specially because they’ve got the Bitcoin currency introduced, which is an advantage in many ways; but also, because they’ve got a wide variety of games. As a personal opinion, I would play at Bitcasino if I were simply playing for fun; and if you are a veteran who’s got to know most of the different games, I would use Bitstarz, for its wider variety, and its alphabetical organizing.

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