Why choose Bitcoin casinos over traditional casinos?

The difference between online casinos and Bitcoin casinos is a question that many people are wondering nowadays. Recently the online casino industry has grown in leaps and bounds, especially with the inception of crypto currency into the online betting experience. This is why the knowledge of both and their differences will be helpful to players when making choices on which of the two works better for them. All will depend on the player taste for games and preferred way to play.

Why choose Bitcoin casinos over traditional casinos?
Why choose Bitcoin casinos over traditional casinos?

To start with, there are major differences that you need to be aware of when you switch from a normal online casino to Bitcoin casinos:

1) The main difference between these two types of casinos is the currency used in transactions. Regular casinos use major fiat currencies as the measure of value and medium of exchange. These include the US dollar, Euros, British Pound, etc. On the other hand, crypto currency casinos make use of just Bitcoins as the medium of exchange and measure of value. And what’s the reason for this?

A) You may find that due to the currency differences, regular currency casinos and digital currency casinos have different transaction timelines. Fiat currencies take a longer time to process and therefore transactions take longer. Digital currency casinos, on the other hand, have the shortest processing times because there is no bureaucracy that comes with credit card companies and banking institutions. When you play at Bitcoin casinos, all transactions are instant because deposits and withdrawals go directly to and from your Bitcoin wallet.

B) There are no transaction fees associated with deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin. If you do transactions with online casinos in other forms of currency, you may end up paying fees for each transaction.

C) Bitcoin casinos offer one of the most secure forms of currency transactions since all Bitcoin transactions are anonymous and highly encrypted. These features make it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your bitcoins. With online casinos, currency transactions are not always anonymous and some forms are not secure. Besides Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, no central government or financial institution has control over digital coins, as they would have over fiat currencies. This means that the government can freeze the casino, your account or even get custody of your money, something that can’t be done with Bitcoins.

2) Another major difference between the two types of casinos is the fairness of the games. Digital currency casinos are inarguably fairer game wise that your traditional online currency casino.
Bitcoin casino’s are in general much more fair than the regular online casino sites, as they have chosen to have an edge of 0.5-2% in general, while regular casino’s has an edge of 3-15% depending on the game and site. With a much lower house edge in the Bitcoin casinos players have a higher chance of winning good money as well as get plenty of entertainment while playing.

3) Using a Bitcoin casino can give individuals the ability to win additional Bitcoin with their earnings, depending on the casino’s payout policy. While some online casinos offer Bitcoin as winnings, others only offer the ability to collect cash in exchange for the use of their bitcoins. With bitcoin’s value on the rise continuously, casinos that pay Bitcoin and accept it as a form of currency are also becoming more popular.

4) The Service provided is also differentiable. Traditional casinos have for long dominated the gambling sector. The inception of crypto currency casinos brought with it new advanced features that appealed to a majority of gamers. Attracting and keeping these numbers will require better service that is tailored to a gamer’s needs. Their focus on customer service will go a long way to ensure future success.

5) The ability to break down Bitcoin into its smallest denomination (microbets) is a plus for both gamers and casinos. The fact that gamers can bet for under $1 creates a level playing field for both huge money spenders and the small players.

6) The Volatility of Bitcoin. A favorite topic for critics — high volatility of bitcoin price – cannot be left out in the cold. For the players the Bitcoin price increase is an obvious and pleasant bonus. What today has a value tomorrow can increase even double, giving juicy extra benefits to the player.

And this is a non limited list of pros that reflect the reasons most gamblers around the world prefer to use BTC casinos over traditional online casinos. Do you want to know more about Bitcoin casinos and its benefits? Do not hesitate to visit our dedicated blog where we provide all kind of information of this new type of casinos, or just have a ride on our Bitcoin casino section to pick the one tailor-made for you!

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