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With the recent surge in online casino users, particularly those of a Bitcoin nature, it is particularly important for prospective players to shop around and find the best casino for you. There is quite simply a wealth of online casinos out there and it is quite easy to just go with the first one you find or whatever might feel familiar. As the level of competition is immense and continues to grow with every passing day, it is no wonder that several online casinos are constantly coming up with promotions to try and get more customers in to sign up and play regularly at their casino.

Casino Affiliate ProgramsCasino Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin casinos making it better for you

These promotions can be found in the form of sign-up bonuses or various other kinds of bonuses where money is deposited in your account for meeting several targets or for making deposits on specific days. Added to these, it is also possible to find yourself at casinos which offer promotions that are specifically tied to particular games. With these kinds of promotions, the reward itself is that you’ll be given a number of free spins to make use of when you are playing certain games, in a bid to encourage you to try out the games for free as you don’t need to place a bet while you will be paid if you win. It’s a win-win situation.

As these are the promotions that most casinos are using, it is only normal that there are still other casinos who look to break away from the pack and make a name for themselves with their own type of promotion. This can be seen most clearly among those casinos who offer one of the more unique promotions in a bid to get people to hang around at their casino while also encouraging them to spread the word and convince other people to sign up. There are known as affiliate programs and there are plenty of online casinos now offering affiliate programs in a bid to increase their client base. They are the latest attempt by online casinos to get more clients on board and they can be used to your advantage if you are a player as they offer some generous rewards for regular players. So, join us here at as we have a quick look at what affiliate programs consist of, how they can be of assistance to online casino players and how you can make the most of them.

What are affiliate programs?

If you get the chance to avail of an affiliate program, it is important to check out how they work and how the commission is earned by you, the player. In most cases, affiliate programs work on referrals. That is, you convince a friend or acquaintance to sign up for whatever casino you deem worthy of their custom. When they do, they mention you as a referee and the casino’s good will for helping them expand comes back to you in the form of a currency bonus, usually based on a percentage. Some casinos offer this percentage as part of any bet made by the player you referred to the site while others offer the percentage based on the money your referral has lost over a specific period of time, say a month.

Depending on the type of affiliation program, the percentage you are entitled to can change greatly. It can be merely a fraction of a single percentage or can up to highs that are worth more than half of what your referral has been placing in their bets.

What do I need to do to be a Bitcoin casino affiliate?

Once you’ve signed up for a Bitcoin casino affiliate program, your responsibility will be to attract more players to the casino that you’ve signed up to. There are various ways to achieve this and different casinos ask their affiliates to do it in different ways. It can be through a direct approach of openly singing the praises of the casino to people you know who are interested in online casinos or may be tempted to give one a try. As soon as they register an account at that casino, they need to tell them that they have been referred by a user. They must mention a piece of information relevant to your account, such as your username or a special identifying number, depending on the casino. Then, once they start placing money on bets there, you will start reaping the benefits of being an affiliate. It is also possible to have unlimited referrals so that with the more referrals you have, the higher the commission you stand to earn.

In other casinos, being an affiliate requires a more proactive approach and you may have to promote the Bitcoin casino with banners or links when using other websites. Again, depending on the success of this promotion and how many new users mention its effectiveness on them, you stand to earn a percentage of that player’s bets when they use the casino you are promoting.

Affiliate programs: an easy way to make money

The benefits of affiliate programs are obvious. By spreading the good word of the casino you are a member of, you can make an extra bit of money that you can use to bet even more at that casino. While the amounts may not be colossal, they will surely be enough to help you place a few extra bets every now and then on your favourite games. And, of course, the more people you can convince to try your casino, the more money you will have added to your account.

Here at, we are always looking for new information about the online Bitcoin casino world to help our readers in their quest for the best Bitcoin gambling experience available. Of course, there are a lot of factors that go into creating a rewarding Bitcoin gambling experience and it is not easy either to narrow it down and clearly identify where you will feel the most fulfilled as a Bitcoin gambler. Whether it be the quality of the games, the friendliness of customer service, the value of the promotions or bonuses or some other characteristic that you just can’t put your finger on, there are many different ways to enjoy Bitcoin gambling.

One such way of getting more out of online Bitcoin casinos, and we’ve touched on it recently, is by becoming part of an affiliate program. An affiliate program gives you the chance to earn my Bitcoins by helping the online casino of your choice extoll the virtues of said casino to other people you know who may be interested in different Bitcoin casinos. There are various ways you can do so: different casinos may ask you to promote the casino in different ways. There are several Bitcoin casinos which offer affiliate programs and the benefits of them are not universal; different casinos have different benefits so in this piece we’ll take the time to have a look at the affiliate programs at some of the top-ranking Bitcoin casinos.

Adamas Casino

Adamas Casino is another casino whose affiliate program is one for members whose friends are high-rollers. The affiliate program can earn you between 30% and 50% but the amounts needed to qualify for the upper percentages are quite considerable. Nevertheless, the promotional material, like all Adamas Casino material, is wonderfully decorated and should attract plenty of attention.


4Grinz is certainly one of the casinos which offers the most attractive affiliate program’s as it is possible to collect between 25% and 50% of the revenue earned by your referrals. However, to reach the top end of this pay structure, your referrals need to be high-rollers. It is important to note that 4Grinz’s affiliate program also includes a 7% commission that is returned to the casino.

Anonymous Casino

Anonymous Casino has one of the more flexible affiliate programs with various stages that allow for greater scope to earn money as a member of the program. Payouts, depending on revenue generated by your referrals, can range betweem 20% and 30%. An additional bonus of Anonymous Casino’s affiliate program is the possibility for Litecoin players to avail of it too.


Being a member of Betchan’s affiliate program allows you to claim up to 30% of your referrals profits. However, one drawback of becoming part of Betchan’s affiliate program is that it makes use of the negative balance feature, that is to say if your referrals aren’t making any money, you won’t make any either.


Cloudbet is mainly focused on sports betting so if you know of any people who are interested in sports betting, becoming an affiliate of Cloudbet could prove to be a fruitful experience for you. By using your banners to attract players, keeping a stable of five active players can help you collect up to 30% of their gambling revenue.

Loki Casino

Loki Casino provides one of the most generous affiliate programs about, with a commission rate that starts off at 40% and goes up to 50%. The promotional material on hand is also quite varied so there are quite a few different ways to grab the attention of your potential referrals. The payouts can also be made in several different currencies.’s affiliate program can earn you payouts of between 25% and 45%, depending on the level of gambling your referrals end up doing. The program is anonymous so no further information beyond your username and wallet address is necessary. The manner of promoting the website involves using a number of banners that can be used across a range of platforms.

mBit Casino

One of the biggest names in the online casino world, mBit Casino is another casino to have developed an affiliate program for the benefit of its customers. Earning money based on the gambling of your referrals, the mBit Casino rate tends to vary quite a bit but can go as high as 50% so this is one of the programs that is certainly worth looking at in greater detail.


BetStreak offer a competitive affiliate program where the payouts vary considerably on the amounts your referrals gamble. If your referrals are high rollers, there is the possibility of 45% payouts, while the lower end of the scale begins at 25%. One key consideration is that there is no negative balance feature in effect in BetStreak’s affiliate program.


As one of the leaders of the Bitcoin casino world, FortuneJack have recently updated their affiliate program. The going rate for the affiliate program at FortuneJack is a commission of between 20% and 40%. The different percentages depend on the bets placed by your referrals. If they exceed certain figures, you move up a level and stand to earn more.’s affiliate program is divided across many different tiers and it is possible to move between them, again depending on the amount your referrals wager. For most games, the range is 20% to 50%. However, the range for dice is a lot lower, only 5% to 20%. Commission payments at are related to a player’s win/loss history and commission is only paid out if the player is losing. is a prompt casino when it comes to its affiliate program and pays out at the start of the month. also offer various commission plans for their affiliate programs. The commission rate is generally between 25% and 50%, though hitting the higher rate is tricky. The options for different plans means this is an affiliate program that is more adjustable to each player’s situation.

7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino pay out on their affiliate program as a percentage of their Net Gaming Revenue (NGR). While there is no negative carryover requirement, i.e. you don’t need to have a losing month to qualify for payouts, the thresholds for moving between tiers are quite high and you’ll need to build up a healthy gang of high-rollers amongst your referrals if you are going to get over that wall.


BitcoinPenguin offers an affiliate program which pays monthly and does not rely on having minimum player quota so as soon as you get one player in the door, you will start earning on the back of their spending. At BitcoinPenguin, you start out around 25% and work your way up to 50%.’s affiliate program calculates your commission in one of two different ways, something which makes it easier to move between tiers. It relies on the number of active referrals you have or how much they are spending. If you can push either of these numbers up, your commission percentage can shoot from 25% all the way up to 50%.

So there you have a quick look at what you can expect from the affiliate programs of different casinos. There is a lot of variation, even among the handful of sample casinos listed above so you can be sure it’ll be worth your time to continue searching through the affiliate programs of other online Bitcoin casinos to see if there is a deal out there somewhere which might suit you better.