Curaçao eGaming License


With the rise of online Bitcoin casinos, every day there are more and more people chomping at the bit to get involved. New online Bitcoin casinos are springing up overnight meaning there’s always somewhere new to try out if you get bored. Of course, as with all financial transactions, there is a lot of risk involved, as well as security issues and Bitcoin transactions are no different. As such it is important to assure yourself that the casinos you visit are regulated to some extent, especially when you consider that Bitcoin, as it is still not legal in many countries, at times exist in a grey area when it comes to legality.

Curaçao e-Gaming LicenseCuraçao e-Gaming

Owing to Bitcoin’s continuing battle to gain legal recognition in many jurisdictions, the regulation of online Bitcoin casinos is not as straightforward as with those that deal strictly in fiat currencies. With that said, one particular jurisdiction has seen the potential in the market and has opened its doors to offer regulatory support for online Bitcoin casinos. This jurisdiction is Curaçao. For those who haven’t heard of Curaçao before, it is a small island in the Caribbean and located just off the coast of Venezuela. Ostensibly part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it is able to decide part of its own legal policy and, in this instance, has used its powers to lead the drive for online Bitcoin casino regulation.

With this in mind, you will probably have noticed the numerous online Bitcoin casinos that fly under the Curaçao e-Gaming banner. That is to say, these casinos have successfully applied for and received licenses from the regulatory body in the Caribbean island. Since 1996, Curaçao e-Gaming has led the way in organising and regulating secure IP connections for online casinos. By applying for and agreeing to the regulatory body’s guidelines and criteria, online Bitcoin casinos can promise safe and officially-regulated services, which means a better piece of mind for players and online casinos everywhere as you can be sure that the casino you are accessing is safe and reliable.

The online casinos that have availed of an e-Gaming license can be confirmed as a requirement of Curaçao e-Gaming is that the online casino must include in the footer of their webpage a link with the Curaçao e-Gaming logo which also provides a further link to the validation page. The data provided on their website and that on the validation link must be in agreement so as to avoid any doubt.

Curaçao e-Gaming has long been a champion of online gaming in one form or another and has opened up new avenues for online casinos with their regulatory endeavours. This small island in the Caribbean has, in turn, become a very important figure in the online gambling community and can be seen as a leader in the drive for better regulation and, consequently, safer online gambling.