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>Ezugi is a games developer that has found its spot in the online gambling market and has burrowed in. Ezugi specialises in live dealer casino games that come with numerous additional features. Ezugi is the go-to company if you’re looking for a live dealer game. This company has a wide range of different variations of classic table and card games to enjoy and you can find them in all of the biggest online casinos


With so many different online casino game suppliers about, it can be hard to differentiate from them at times. Some developers focus specifically on one group of games, like slots or poker for example, while others try to carve a niche for themselves by putting a lot of effort into specific parts of their product, such as improving the gameplay or working hard to provide an impressive visual experience for the player. Considering the wealth of games developers out there and the fierce competition in the online gambling market, finding a way to isolate yourself from the pack and establish yourself as a viable solution owing to an area of expertise or a very specific product is the best way to guarantee success.

Ezugi is an example of one such developer which has found its niche and has worked hard on maintaining it while growing as a company and continuously updating its product. Ezugi is a name that you can see in a whole host of different online casinos and this is because it has quickly established itself as the leading name when it comes to providing live dealer games for online casinos. Ezugi has gradually become the go-to name for those casinos who are looking for the live dealer option and this is reflected in the presence of Ezugi at countless different online casinos, especially those who appear in the upper ends of the 'Best Casino' lists.

Ezugi Live CasinoEzugi Live Casino

Ezugi offer live dealer versions of most table games and a variety of card games. Roulette, baccarat, keno, lottery and roll of dice are all available, while the card games you can find include various variations of poker and blackjack. Ezugi's liver dealer version are thoroughly developed products with numerous additional features apart from the gameplay itself. Some of these games include multi-player possibilities, live chat with both players and support, dealer tipping, side bets, music, customisable chips, social media connections and the ability to play in several games at once.

Ezugi games are synonymous with live dealer games and, as such, these games can be found in a lot of online casinos. As mentioned, it is a big name when it comes to live dealer games and you will find that most casinos which offer live dealer games source them from Ezugi. Leading online casinos like mBit Casino, Mars Casino, Playamo Casino, Vegas Casino, BitStarz Casino and Oshi.io are just a few of the ones where the live dealer software is provided by Ezugi.

Unfortunately, as its products are all live dealer versions, it is not possible to find free-to-play versions of Ezugi games but if you have ever played live dealer games at an online casino, the chances are it was an Ezugi product. If you haven't tried any live dealer games, then you could do a lot worse than try one of the games designed by a company who dedicates itself to the format and one that has clearly done a good job considering the amount of casinos that place their confidence in Ezugi by using their software.

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by Cath 2017-06-3

Nobody knows live dealer games like Ezugi. I'm always happy to enter a live dealer game that is one of theirs

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