Kawaii Kitty Slot by Betsoft


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The Cutest Slot Game of The Year - Kawaii Kitty Game

Betsoft gaming has always been on the forefront delivering reliable and fun slot games. Yet another addition to their list is the Kawaii kitty game, which is a beautiful and cute cat-themed game with amazing graphics. The word kawaii means cute in Japanese and there no better word to describe a game that features a white little kitten with a bow on its head and adorable eyes. If you are a cat lover, you will definitely fall in love with this cute kitty. Kawaii kitty is a 3D online slot game with five reels in action, three rows and 10 fixed paylines for you to bet. The professionally animated 3D graphics that is bright and colorful increases the overall quality of the slot.

Kawaii Kitty Slot by BetsoftKawaii Kitty Slot by Betsoft

Kawaii Kitty Symbols

All of the symbols related to the game include cats, cartons of milk, mice, hairbrushes, bows, fishes, bowls of cat food and tins of tuna. The game also presents a nice, playful music track that adds to the overall cuteness of the slot. The symbol that offers the highest cash prize is the milk carton, a maximum bet of five of them per spin is worth 250 times your stake. So there is a possibility of winning 50000 credits upon a single spin. The average return to player (RTP) percentage of the game is about 95.6%.

The ball of wool or the yarn, is the wild symbol that appears on reels two, three and four. When the yarn appears in conjunction with 3 or more of the same symbols, it will expand and fill the rest of the positions in that reel to form winning combinations. After a winning combo is formed and paid, the wild symbols will still remain in the same place for one more free re-spin. This increases your chances of winning again. After any standard win, you can use a double up gamble feature as many times as you want. The game offers a top jackpot cash prize of 500 coins.

The Kawaii kitty game features a pay both ways option that gives the player maximum chances to win. This means that you can win both from right to left and from left to right in the pay lines. Since it pays both ways, you can get the best payout in each direction. For example, if the wild symbol lands on the middle reels, you’ll get two different winning combos on the same payline. Suppose the wild symbols appears in conjunction with two brushes and two bowls of food, then you will get different cash prizes for three brushes and for 3 bowls of food. Suppose five of the same symbols appear on the reel, then you will receive double the cash prize as it pays both ways.

Kawaii Kitty Gaming Formats

The Kawaii kitty game features audio, auto play and coin bet options. The coin value ranges are $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50 and $1. The slots accepts up to a maximum of 10 coins to be played per payline. Bets can be made from 10 cents to $100 per spin. A winning combo occurs when three, four or five same symbols appear next to each other in one of the active lines. The combinations can taken from the first left symbol or from the last one.

The amount that you win depends on two factors - the bet per line and the index of winning combination (from x5 to x250). Players can also use the double up gambling feature, where you are allowed to bet half or all of your winnings and get the chance to double them up instantly. This features requires you to play head or tails. If you are lucky, you win double the bet or else you lose all the money. There are no free spins or scatters in the kawaii kitty game. There are also no prize rounds or bonus payoffs in this game.

Kawaii Kitty Interface

As far as the interface is concerned, the game is available in multiple languages. With awesome graphic images that convey information in a visual language, there is no need for language translation. A three page pay tale provides you with the most important data. Here you can find the concise description of rules, multipliers and the visual representation of the lines and combinations. Any additional information about the symbols, game rules and other things related to the game can be obtained by clicking on the '?' button located at the lower right side of the screen.

The brightly colored and attractive gaming buttons can be seen in the bottom line. Special windows are provided to choose the number and value of coins in the screen. The max bet button and the green colored spin button can also be found there. To play, you can either choose the manual option or the automatic play mode. When you choose the automatic play mode, a special action is triggered by which a customized automatic spin procedure is carried out. To disable the effects and increase the speed of the game, you can switch to turbo mode. The Kawaii Kitty game is designed to be played in the browser, so there is no need to download the game to the hard drive. A version of the game specifically designed for mobile devices is also available.

So to conclude, Kawaii kitty is a brand-new 3D slot game, where you get to experience a high-tech gaming environment that is advanced as well as cute. With the both way winning mechanism, a 5-symbol single line win will earn you twice the bet amount. The game also offers numerous gambling options after any standard win, which allows players win a huge prize amount that can go as high as 50000 credits per spin.

The cute kitty and the other animated objects in the game, as well the cool, colorful environment is really a wonderful treat for the eyes. You would find this game really interesting, even if your are not a cat lover. Compared to the other complex games developed by Betsoft, Kawaii Kitty is a very simple and fun slot that's well worth checking out.


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by tadek 2016-11-06

I have been using Satoshis-secrets for two years. They are easy to reach and i have had no trouble with withdrawals ever. in my opinion their customer service is best I have come across in a online casino. In regards to the rules you should know what your doing as the bonus rules are easily explained in layman terms. Well done Satoshis-secret i'm a very satisfied customer here.

by adam 2016-10-31

I absolutely love this casino. Been playing for over 2.5 years. I’m from Spain. I generally deposit with my visa and withdraw my funds directly to my bank account. This usually takes about 3 business days from when I withdraw. I’ve won thousands but also lost a few hundreds. I recommend Satoshis-secret to anyone . Great customer service through chat and phone calls.

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